BOSCH motor pinion pitch

Can anyone confirm the motor pinion on the Drill is still a 0.7 module similar to the past BOSCH motor pinions?


I am 90% sure it is the same pitch, but some of the over pin dimensions indicate that it may be a 0.75 (yes, it does exist). I am now resorting to the age old method of running the motor against 0.7 Mod and 0.75 Mod gears to see which one is better.

My worste fear is that it is a 0.7 module with a longer addendum (notice the pointy teeth), which means that will may have a hard time finding gears that fit right.

Standard center distances may not apply.


I tried our new one with a Mod 7 and it seemed to work fine. Like Paul I can only 90% confirm that this is it’s actual pitch.