Bosch Motors

I have several 2006 Bosch motors that are exactly the same as in the FIRST Kit available for trade for other kit motors.

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I did post in the swap area. They will go fast. I have a very limited number for trade.

Is this the van door motor? Would you know if the 2006 one is the same as 2003? If not, what about 2004?

I did some digging into the history of these motors.

The performance is similiar but not the same as motors from other years (whether Bosch or Taigene).

These motors were from the era when Delphi still used Bosch Motors in its Power Sliding Doors but was switching suppliers to Taigene. There was one program that still used the Bosch Motors. I believe that Bosch increased the performance somewhat from the prior models in order to meet the specs (but still not has high as the Taigene performance). In the end, Delphi made a running change to Taigene in the middle of the model year. These motors are the left over stock from that change.

Chief Delphi got their limited supply of motors from asking various engineers and test lab folks if they had any had these exact motors stashed away under a desk or in the bottom of the drawer or whatever.

Surprisingly, a few had… …get them while they are hot!

Joe J.