Bosch or 80/20?

For all teams who use some type of square extruded aluminum for your frame, what do you use?

We use 80/20 for our frame.

I’m not in manufacturing, but I do know that we use 80/20 a lot of the time, but if bosch is usable (it is not used in a high stress place), we use it for weight reasons. Last year our whole tower was framed with bosch because we figured no robots would be jumping up to hit us in mid-robot places…heh…but you never know!

80/20 all the way because a local distributor is the main sponsor so anything we can dream of in the catalogue is free for us as well as many other different suppliers.

We have a Bosch dealer as a sponsor. So that’s pretty self-explanitory.

Bosch uses thinner webbing (lighter). :cool:

340 this year is using 3/4 square aluminum tubing.

237 has exclusively used 80/20 for extrusion needs every year. I don’t know why, I’ve never questioned it.

Funny thing is where I work we use anything but 80/20! :wink:
We use mostly Bosch though and get it through our distributer, Airline Hydraulics.

We’ve only used the stuff once. We prefer cheap extruded square tube or the kit frame components.