Bosch Power Window Motor. How do I couple power from them?

We are a second year team and have accumulated several Window motors/ throttle motors/ snow blower motors from our KOPs.

Is there a resource on how to couple power from them. I don’t see any gearboxes that marry up to them on AM or Vex. I would like to use them due to high torque and low weight, I’m just not seeing what products are out there to let’s say couple them with a 1/2" hex shaft.

Here are the motors we have that I’m not sure what to do with

  • Window Motor DENSO/ ASMO 5-163800-RC1
  • Throttle Motor DENSO/ ASMO
  • Bosch Seat motors
  • Bosch Snow blower Motor

Thanks, Steve

Bosch Seat Motor:

Snow Blower Motor:

Window Motor: We’ve used 3D printed couplers, but the connection has changed over the years, so you’d have to look for a current one on Thingiverse, etc.
Pinion: 7 tooth, 20°PA, 2 module
That one might work better paired with a rack.

Throttle motor: 3d printed coupler or gearbox, e.g.,


Mark has hit on the best answers for these motors.

That said, it should be warned that all of these motors are significantly behind on power compared to the 550 and 775-class motors that are available to you (examples include the AndyMark RedLine, WCP/VEX 775pro, and BaneBots 550, all in the 190-350 watt range where none of your list break 30). They’d each need a gearbox like a 57 Sport or VersaPlanetary, which are all going to be $50-100 depending on ratio and options but offer key advantages:

  • More power will allow you to do the thing (whatever the thing is) faster with the necessary torque.
  • There are more off-the-shelf mounting methods for these gearboxes, which will save you time answering solved questions. And since these mounts would be common across a gearbox family, it makes it easier to change the gear ratio on a mechanism later. (See Spectrum’s Guide to the MCC, which made a radical impact on our team’s process this year.)
  • Their output shafts are more standard, enabling more belt and chain options for power transmission. (1/2" hex is well-supported in FRC, and there’s a lot for 3/8" hex too.)
  • AndyMark had a Snow Blower Motor (it’s theirs, not Bosch’s) on display at Championship that had its output shaft replaced with 1/2" hex. It wouldn’t be competition-legal for 2019, and I don’t have any special insight into their plans (anymore), but I can’t imagine a scenario where they would spend the effort to do that and not be working to get it approved for 2020. That would make the DD bore products a very endangered species, making spares hard to find. (When they made the similar switch from 10mm keyed to 1/2" hex on the PG motors, the 10mm parts dropped like flies from their website.)

I’ve done a lot of things with automotive-style motors over the years, but it’s difficult for me to justify the extra fiddling these days. It’s only right to let the new teams in on the reasoning too. :slight_smile:


Great reply! Sound advice. Thank you

Mark gave several good options. The nice thing about several of these motors / gearboxs is although they are under powered, with their internal worm gear set up they resist back drive and are therefore positional and that is nice for some applications

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You’re not wrong at all, and there are places where the automotive-style motors are still a completely valid answer (say, the hatch system on 118’s Everybot or a ball indexer where you lack clearance for a long planetary setup at the bottom of your robot). It’s just a much, much shorter list than it used to be.

The most recent window motor in the KOP seems very difficult to interface with. They used to have an output pattern that worked with a hub, but now it’s just a gear that’s flush to motor. Has anyone successfully used the newer style window motor and if so, how?

I also attempted to make a versplanetary throttle motor adapter. YMMV on how useful it really is. Throttle Motor Versaplanetary Adapter