Bosch Seat motor 6004RA3194-06

Just wanted to start a thread for general information, questions and feedback on this motor.

A few updates are available:

  1. The fine folks at AndyMark have released this adapter (motor to ½” hex).
  2. WPI screensteps has been updated to include information on the hall output and some application examples. Some updates pending as of 1/18/18.
  3. This electronics board is now available at AndyMark to interface with the RoboRio DIO. The information on why you need that can be found in the mentioned screensteps.

Make sure you keep in mind that this motor is highly resistant to back drive as it has a worm gear inside. If that’s part of your design criteria you must also consider that comes with some negative consequences. If you are driving an exposed rigid appendage with high potential to get slammed into the wall…or another robot you will likely see failure. Game play can be aggressive at times (rookies will soon learn this) and torque in a hit can amplify quite substantially at the interface and into the gears. They are plastic. As a general rule of thumb the gears with start to show failure in the neighborhood of 30ft-lbs which is well above the motor torque output but can happen from external factors. it is advised to design some flexibility in whatever you are driving to absorb external shock.

**Has anyone sketched up the circuit diagram for this?

I’m curious how they did it with 2 BPJ transistors and 3 resistors.**

We’ve just added a document with signal and schematic information to the product page, which you can find here.

Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have!

Kudos to AndyMark for providing the schematic.

It’s educational (and inspiring) !

Is there any documentation on how to code the Bosch Seat Motor using the Digital I/O circuit from AndyMark in Java? My team has never tinkered with DIO ports so not much of a clue what we’re doing here. Any help would be really appreciated.

My teams programming mentor posted something in Java last year I think. I’ll take a look and forward the link. It’s pretty basic code I believe…just a few lines. Been trying to incorporate in screen steps but just been absorbed in other things.

Yes that would be very very helpful for us. Thank you!

Here’s the link…

Thank you for the help

Your welcome. Hope it helps. Keep us posted if you get it working or or still have problems.

You just have to change the origin of the coordinate system, and the problem gets so much easier.

Team 4322 can confirm from previous experience that the plastic gears inside will break if the mechanism attached gets slammed. We used one of these motors in 2017 and 2018 to pivot our floor gear collector and power cube collector respectively. There were multiple instances where after a match we found the motor bound up due to plastic pieces of the gears inside jamming up the motor. Since we were olny rotating the mechanism 90 degrees we just reassembled the motor making sure the broken teeth would not need to be used (Not exactly an ideal fix and hard to do in the tight timeline between matches). Anyone thinking of using this should definitely make sure their implementation has some safeguard against backdriving impacts.