Bosch Seat Motor user feedback

Do you have any samples or tips on using the feedback sensor to position a arm? Yes we have a DIO board to interface with the HAL sensor. Is there a special object type in code (Java in our case) to use that will treat this like a quadrature encoder so when driven positively the counts add and they decrees when the motor is driven negatively?

Will it be a counter in External Direction mode but the External signal somehow injected with an internal signal?

I don’t think there are any classes to help you do this perfectly, however you can try to use a counter.

As a programmer, the mechanical guys thought that just giving me an encoder I haven’t tested before on the last day of bag 'n tag would be super easy to set up. It wasn’t. We ended up using limit switches instead. So I would recommend limit switches if it’s doable, but otherwise as long as you have time to test the encoder and get it working, you should be fine.

If you’re plugging the encoder into the DIO ports, you probably won’t have a problem, but we had to do it through a talon’s breakout board which gave us 0 good ways to go about it unless we did it completely manually in our main loop which I’m not sure how accurate that would be.

I’m not Java, but I didn’t see a good way to use a software value for the external direction in that counter mode. I used the counter to get the difference in counts between loops and also used the voltage sign (from the motor controller) to either add/subtract counts from a running total. I could get the PID to stop within 2-3 counts (~5 degrees)
pretty well which was fine for us.

But I do admit while we had something working, that later we had hardware issues that ended up putting it in the bag without the counter working. It did take a long while to get this working the first time (partially with us wiring our own DIO converter). I’m not sure we’ll sort everything during practice day for this motor or quickly try to use limit switches.
I suspect I need to be ready to add limit switches.

Yes seen that page on counters. I’m in your same boat “Haven’t tested”.

After looking into how this may work, we want with a potentiometer attached to the end of the output shaft

Primary deciders were:
Being able to know our arms position regardless of whether or not it was turned on at the expected point
We had one (and didn’t have the adapter board or the time to make one)
Adding an encoder would give us the same issues in terms of startup position.

We have used pots for a long time for your reasons you pointed out and this is still an option. (We did design that possibility into the system) i always insist on limit switches regardless so referencing can be done as well as mechanical protection from software opps.

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