Boston Area Control System Workshop

The NUTRONS will be hosting a Control System seminar on Tuesday, Dec 16. (Northeastern University, 305 Shillman Hall, 6:00 PM)

This control system is a new and exciting addition to our Kit of Parts, an we want to make sure everyone has a grasp on how to get started with it. This seminar will be hosted by Boston area mentors Eric Williams, Greg Marra, and Tom Bottiglieri.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Overview of hardware components
  • Hardware setup and bench testing
  • Component configuration
  • Introduction to LabView and C++ WPI programming Libraries
  • Robot control demos (Vision)
  • Question and Answer

The idea behind this seminar is NOT to teach programming, but rather to make sure everyone is up to speed on the new system. We will hold a question and answer session to go over any advanced topics you may want to hear about.

Please RSVP to askanengineer.125[AT] Its not required but it will help us to better anticipate for the event.

I plan on attending. Thanks for putting this on!

If you are going to post something like this you may want to want to warn people about the foul language it uses.

Also this appears to be your first post so maybe not a good way to get noticed especially as it doesn’t seem to relate to the Boston Workshop.

I’m sorry; I was previewing posts on the forums so that I could right click and hit save target as to get an mp3 of the song. If I accidently hit submit, then i apologize. Don’t be so condescending and authoritative. This is just a robotics forum.