Boston Regional Question

I just have a quick question to any teams that have gone to the Boston Regional in the past; specifically in the past year or two. Does anyone know how fast it fills up on average? Sorry if this question belongs in another thread/subforum, it’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Last year registration filled Boston within a week or so.
There were no openings by the time 2nd Regional registration rolled around.

However, slots are held back and you could get in from the waitlist.

Team 1345 have tried to sign up for the Boston regional in the past. It is usually filled up within 3 days after registration.

The slots are held are for rookies, so a rookie team could get in after it seems to have filled up, after the end of registration (I believe December 1st) they are released to teams on the waitlist.

It filled up fast. We made it a priority to go there last year and signed up the first day. It was then a bummer to hear later that local teams couldn’t go because they didn’t sign up quick enough. We felt guilty, but by the time we heard about it, we already put deposits down on our airfare.

That would be so cool if the RoboDox make their way out there - it was a blast. We went a day early to take trips around town, MIT and such. A walking tour in 8 degree weather was something else. Drink a Sam Adams across the street from Sam Adams (if you are of age, of course)!! Blue man group was unreal. Getting to know all the awesome teams from that area. It really was one of the best comps we have attended in our 9 years. I highly recommend it. I also hope the Planning Committee reserves enough spots for new rookie teams that don’t sign up early enough.

HELLOOooooooo :smiley:
Boston is the place to be. I have been in FIRST (1995). It fills up fast and it is the real deal :yikes: … (9,000 on sat. ) WHAT A HOOT this is !!!
GOOD LUCK TO ALL from TEAM 88 TJ2 and MOE TYE DYE FOR EVER …oh yeah??? OH YEAH !!!