Boston Regional Videos

Not an archive.
Not sure where that will be, but…

The craziest climber that I have seen so far:

Flipping up the corner of the pyramid. Scary and crazy.
They pulled the pyramid off its footings more than once.
Note how their lever arm contorts the pyramid.

3236 TriForce, climbing and falling, and climbing again:

3713, the IgKnighters, FCS:

126 Gael Force and 3958 Schrodinger’s Cat:

Mostly of Schrodinger’s Cat and their crazy car wash pick up with great shooting, especially at the end.
126 is a legacy team with a RCA and a win this year.
They will be in St. Louis. A single minded robot that does its job very well. Watch for their climb after the buzzer sounds.

346,The Funky Monkey’s and their floor pickup:

I hope they can make it to St. Louis. Nice team, very good Robot.

125 NUTRONs and 1100 T-Hawks Two teams that you will see in St. Louis:

Good shots of Feeder Station loading.

88 TJ Squared climbing and almost getting the dump:

They did do it twice, but not when I was filming. :frowning:

Saturday morning Pit and Field Tour before hordes descended.

A little slow but something you may find interesting.

Not a video, but 88 after F-2 with dumped blue discs.

Being on the team, we recorded all our matches :slight_smile:

Blue pyramid climb and dump:

Red pyramid climb and dump:

That robot climbed very very high and a few times fell very very far to the ground. One time they were hanging on by the tip of their claw. If somebody sneezed they would have went down hard.

The NUTRONs got a webcast going Friday after lunch but unfortunately we couldn’t get audio working at that point. However Saturday morning we got both video and audio working. At that point we started recording to USTREAM. You can see the recordings here,

I know we didn’t get everything though because the recordings hit their limits. We will be working to parse out the matches we did get and re-post them to Youtube at The Blue Alliance.

Oh my GOD, that first climber is ridiculously crazy.

And kind of awesome.

My feelings exactly.
It’s a design we considered, but thought it impossible.
That’s FIRST.

That’s why Field Supervisors get the big bucks :slight_smile:

Seriously, thanks for your help during the competition. I know that high climbers cause a headache for field reset.

A time lapse of Friday and Saturday from the Team 23 pit.

Good news: Boston Judges are ridiculously creative with awards scripts.

Bad news: Boston Judges are ridiculously creative with awards scripts, to the point where they figure an MC can just pull together a passable rendition of “Carwash” by Rose Royce with only a few minutes of study.

What did we end up with? Well…I’ll just leave this right here.


Also, still love the rockin’ red sequined jacket. :slight_smile:

I can’t take credit for these, but I’ll pass them along. The Ligerbots (2877) have posted a few great full-field videos here:

Unfortunately, it sounds like they didn’t record the finals matches.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
You did a great job rolling with it.

WBZ-TV had a news report on a “robotics competition” Friday night. Quick glance of our orange suspenders! But TJ(squared) gets the interview.

Eric: Did you at least get a chance to go on-line to remember how “Carwash” is sung]( (Either that or admit you know the tune?) :o It might be a new Boston tradition…

I’m familiar with the refrain, sure, but not the verses. And there is rarely enough time during elims to sit and study the scripts with keeping the crowd going, prepping for the next set of match intros, and recovering breath from running around like a madman :slight_smile:

And let’s be honest, my “singing” voice on a good day is marginal at best. At the end of two days of competition… well it all comes out about 2 octaves lower than it should :wink:

With more warning I think it’s an AWESOME idea though, assuming the MC can do a passable job of it. Maybe I would just pass the mic to a volunteer coordinator with a good singing voice…now where to find one…

That was even better in person! Trust me when I say no one on 3958 will ever forget that award! It was a great way to end the weekend! Now we just wait for the dubstep remix :smiley:

Yea, that song was awesome. The judges at Boston are just amazing and we are really lucky to have a great MC. The video never gets old. Thanks so much for making this regional such a great event for 3958.

Another Boston Regional video I found through searching youtube:

Uncut field-side videos of the finals matches. Match 1 starts at 6:47 and match 2 starts at 23:53.