boston reigonal thanks

team 1733 thanks team 75 for letting us use their laptop to download programming. we couldnt have gotten what we have without you.

we thank team 571 for the great help in all parts of the work. you are our inspiration.

thanks to the aztechs from asabet valley. you provided us with material and also tips. thanks

also thanks go out to teams 1568, 1725, 1100, 1965, 1919, 1909, 549, 69, 157, 571, 1975, 1277, 1779, 578, 467, and 157. you were all great alliance partners and we hope that you werent mad at us for our mistakes.

lets have a great saturday.

Thanks to everyone who made this event happen. It was one of the most excitng ones I have been to.

I want to thank team 549 for picking us, and team 125 for being alliance partners. We did what we could, and our matches were some of the most intense. You all did AWESOME. Thanks for the energy!!

Congrats to all the rookies, you survived a FIRST regional!!! Good luck in your future events.

Thanks to all my friends who cheered me up when I needed it!

Thanks to everyone who made an effort to meet me finally! I love you guys! [Too many to name]

Congrats to the winning alliance. You guys did an amazing job and really deserved it!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Championship, and good luck to those of you who have other competitions.


Thanks again to every one who made this all happen. The regional went off great.

1733 you guys were great alliance partners, there is no need to apologize for making a mistake it happens to the best teams.

Thank you again to 121 and 233 for picking us and making up a great alliance. Also congratulations to all the teams for making it to all of the matches and especially all of the rookie teams.

Your welcome from team 75 we are always glad to help. we hope to see you at nationals.

Also i would like to thank. team 75 in general. and Keven Yu.

without them we wouldn’t be able to win any awards

No thank you for picking us even w/ our horrible ranking, hopefully we played our best, it was a shame we couldn’t go further, i think our teams worked awesomely together :slight_smile:

Team 121 would like to offer huge thanks to our awesome partners 233 and 1568. Great offensive and defensive 1-2 punch there.

Also bigtime recognition goes out to all volunteers, judges, refs, sefety folks, those who supported the webcast, etc. etc.

This even was awesome and will be for years to come!


Thank’s to both team’s 1511 and 125. You were awesome alliance partners. 125, that’s what our scouts where for…we watched you at BAE and knew what you could do.

Also, a huge thanks to 1511 for their autonomous program…the last match was wicked exciting when you somehow accidentily set your robot to shoot :slight_smile:

Lol it wasnt “accidental” we just finally gave our programmers some time with it… or maybe we were hiding it until finals :wink: Anyone watching the practice field that day should have been scared! hehe.

I want to thank the entire Boston Regional Staff and the Arena staff. The event went so well that it was truely amazing… the list of “big guns” at the regional was amazing, and I was so excited to meet my hero Helen Grainer of IRobot. And we <3 the pit announcer!!

Thanks to Tony for training me for IFI support for Toronto… everyone, remember to turn your robots ON!!

Thanks to 549 for picking us… what a rush to be the second pick of the entire regional! I guess knocking you off your offense auto in quals brought out the “we’d rather be with them than against them!” :slight_smile: Those were some crazy matches!

Congrats to 578 for doing so well… we love the Rochester teams! Sad to see you arent headed to champs with such a good robot.

Big time congratulations to all the Rookies there… 1757, one of the best plywood robots I have seen in a long time!!! (Westwood Westwood!), 1761 congrats on the rookie all stars, what a great team!! 1975 great job with Rookie Inspiration!!! We expect big things from all of you next year! And to all the little rookies that could at that regional, we are so glad you were there, we really hope to see you in future FIRST. The stories were all moving, especially the team that built their robot there, borrowing our wheels, pulling everything together as they went. Congratulations! You’ve made it!

And of course congrats to 121, 233, & 1568, it was easy to see that alliance was nearly unstoppable!

See you all in Toronto or Atlanta!

Team 40 would like to thank 213 and 69 for the great job they did as alliance partners. You guys certianly kicked some tail all the way through.

Congrats to 121, 233 and 1568! Great job. You were unstoppable! Good luck in Atlanta!!

Thanks goes to Teams 40, 69 and 571. You were all really good. Great matches…and awesome high score match! Hope to see you all next year.

Thank you so much from 1975. We all worked hard and you were an awesome help and great competitors! can’t wait until next year! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank the rookie teams! You guys may not know it, but you are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for participating in this competition and making it a great experience for all other teams involved :slight_smile: Be very proud of your outstanding achievement :smiley:

And vice versa, I would like to thank all the veteran teams at the regional. Without you guys, us rookie teams will be chasing our own tails trying to get things to work. It was a great learning experience for myself, for being on the mentoring side for the first time, and the rest of the team. :smiley: