#BotChat Update and Questions from Sessions 1&2

We’ve hosted two #BotChat sessions with a series of five questions each.

@Robot_Chat gained 111 followers in the first three weeks of its humble existence. This number continues to grow on a daily basis.

#BotChat has already proved to help FIRSTers network in new ways. Personally I’ve met three new mentors from different areas and can’t wait to continue our discourse on Twitter.

I’m posting the questions from our first two #BotChat sessions to give CD users an opportunity to check out the format. If you’re still confused as to how a twitter chat works, you can check out this user manual that we created: http://botchat.wordpress.com/

Join us for the third session of #BotChat on Sunday, January 6th at 7pm. We’ll feature questions based on the new FRC game. Have fun at Kickoff! Use #omgrobots and #frcko to live tweet your thoughts during the 2013 game reveal!

Questions from our first session:
Q1: What is your favorite robotics competition to attend? If rookie: What 2013 competition are you most excited for? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q2: What is your favorite robot? Include team and year. Props if you know the team’s Twitter handle! #BotChat #omgRobots
Q3: Funding can be difficult sometimes. What is a unique way that you’ve found financial support for your team? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q4: You’re never too old to learn something new! What is a skill that you want to learn for designing/building robots? #BotChat #omgRobots
**Q5:**Our thoughts are with #Newtown. How will you/your team use the value of Gracious Professionalism to better the world? #BotChat #omgRobots

Questions from our second session:
Q1: Last week we asked about favorite robot. This week we want to know what your favorite team besides your own. Why? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q2: Would you rather learn from adult mentors or experienced students? Why? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q3: How does your school/organization celebrate your team? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q4: Excellence begins with leadership. What qualities does a great leader need? #BotChat #omgRobots
**Q5:**If you could choose the 2013 game object and name of the game, what would they be? #BotChat #omgRobots

Friendly Reminder: The next #BotChat is tomorrow (1/6) from 7-8p EST. During build season, we’ll have weekly BotChats, simply because this game offers SO MUCH to discuss! After week 6, we’ll return to the regularly scheduled 2nd and 4th Sunday format.
So, if you want to engage in a real-time conversation with robotics enthusiasts around the world, tune in and see what others think of UA, team organization, strategies, implementations, and much more!
Also, if you have an idea for a BotChat question, send a DM to @Robot_Chat or a PM to Carolyn or I.
See you on Twitter at 7!

Excited! This time I have it in my calendar with the correct timezone!

For reference: 7pm EST/6pm CST/ 4pm PST