Both Axle wheel not moving straight

So this is our second year in FRC and we’ve run I to a bit of trouble with our new chassis. Our axle wheels are wobbling when spun, nothing is loose. And both wheels are screwed in perfectly. Our axle seems to be bent but we think it’s highly unlikely that both axles are bent due to a manufacturing issue. Is anyone else having this problem.

Are you running it with the shaft cantilevered as pictured or with the outer plate and bearing installed?

Pulling the shaft from the gearbox (or partial disassembly) so we all can see a bit better in a few more pictures would be helpful.

My (old) knowledge of toughbox minis makes me think that shaft is backwards too. But that is a reaction, I don’t actually know off the top of my head.

Edit: I know it is not apples to apples and I could still be mistaken. But check that shaft orientation, the small diameter nub should be near the plastic housing. I recall there is a small bearing in that plastic housing that will help support the shaft. I would also double check to make sure any spacers are present and accounted for.

The shaft isn’t aligning with the second panel i think it’s the shaft

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Could you elaborate (and or send a picture)?

By second panel do you mean the bearing in the plastic housing? Or the outer rail of the frame?

The outer rail of the frame

My suspicion was wrong in retrospect.

Yours looks quite similar.

Is there a top/bottom or left/right side of the outer rails that may be upside down or on the wrong side?

Nope everything is done by the book, we’re quite puzzled by what’s going on

Hmmm. Could you send a picture of it not aligned?

Video even better

I just want to remind everyone (not just this thread):
First rule of trouble shooting is never trust previous work, especially if it is your own previous work.

We are not picking on anyone, just trying to lay a baseline of facts to work up from.


Are you outright unable to get the shaft into the outermost bearing? Or does it seat and still have wheel wobble, or worse, binds up?

This looks like the axis of the bearing is not aligned with the outer rail.
What we know:

  • The gearbox is integrated, so those holes should be perfect

I don’t know and would like to:

  • Are the left and right outer frame rails identical?

We can’t really judge the alignment of the two rails from this picture. If we could see that it’s mounted right on the corners or by the churros, maybe.

Yeah, picture of the corners would help.

We also should find out if the end of the shaft stays at that spot when it spins (suggesting the shaft is straight and there is something wrong with the way things are mounted) or if the end moves around in a circle (suggesting bent shaft)

Yep they are both identical and having problems with seating, although they do seat with enough force. The wheels still wobble

If you want to take the barbarian option, the solution is to put the shaft into the two frame rails before screwing them together, and then wrestle it all into place.

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