Both of our regional events are in the same week


I’m looking for some advice on our event schedule. Typically, we have gotten into our home event - ONHAM and one other close regional. This year, we were unable to get into ONHAM, and instead were bumped to ONTO1.

This is a bit on an issue because the two event that we are in, are in the same week (ONTO1 AND ONWAT)… We were expecting a smaller turnout due to people going away, but we certainty weren’t expected to get both of our event’s during our March break.

I was wondering if this is a common practice, as I haven’t seen it in my FRC career, and if/how we could somehow change this up even though most events are full.

Thanks for the help!

Best thing to do is contact FIRST Canada directly and see if they can help you out. Although most events say they are full, there’s often a buffer of spots available. They may be able to shift you around once all Ontario teams have been signed up for their events.

Good luck and hopefully we will see you guys at Waterloo. :slight_smile:


The Blue Alliance (not official, but usually correct) says you are in Toronto Ryerson Week3 and Waterloo Week 4.

firstinspires also has 12-14 Mar for Ryerson and 19-21 Mar for Waterloo.

I think they are referring to the fact that the events are back to back. (Basically a 4 day turnaround.) Both events also span the Ontario march break. Students have a week off of school and often go away on Holiday with family or friends. So they may be low on team members for the events.

As I mentioned, I think their best option is to speak with FIRST Canada to discuss their options.


You’ve nailed our predicament.

Thanks for the helpful advice, we’ll definitely will shoot an email off to FIRST Canada to see what they make of this situation.

If you are willing to travel to ryerson event you can go to humber district event which is week 2. if you like the accessibility of a dowtown toronto event then maybe switch the waterloo event to western which is week 6. you can change your events as you like on the first website but if the event is full at the moment, you can add yourself to the waitlist but you will have to forfeit your spot at an event you are already in. This year without bag day it makes it easier to make changes to your robot between events but yes it will be harder with only 4 days to test your changes. many teams do back to back events, it just depends on what your team wants and can do.

Is there some problem with back to back events? This year we did Flagstaff, then Denver, with a day or two in between to go home and get ready for the next trip. I thought it was fun.

Personally, we don’t have the resources for back-back events. Coupled with march break, it’s the perfect storm for our season to end early.

When we did it, it was mostly over break. That made it easier, actually, as students didn’t have to miss as much school.

As for resources…you have time to work on getting them, but that can still be a problem.

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