Botka the Balancing Robot

I check out the Sparks Fun website occasionally to see whats new and found this video of Botka the Balancing Robot.

That. Was. Awesome. Most amazing yet simple piece of machinery I’ve seen built from scratch. Many applications can come from this, but entertainment will always be the coolest one.

Thanks for sharing that. :slight_smile:

Thats pretty sweet!

Now this guy just needs to contact the maker of that rc car.

Wonder how much $ he has in that?

I just saw a balancing chair robot on

its under videos and the video is titled: “New Helper Robots”

Here is a link

thats pretty impressive, starting with a rc car like that, i wonder if theres a switch so he can drive in “normal” mode, and if it works with the other wheels touching the ground. possible use in FRC comp? maybe… who knows with teams now adays

What is the market price of that invensense idg-300 gyro?
i cant get in their website.
Thanks =]

$40 for one. It goes down to $35 if you buy 100 or more.

and is it FIRST-capable?
voltage etc?

Looks like it. Here is the data sheet.

Wow… this never clicked in my head, but I bet some games would have some sort of challenge that could be solved via a balancing robot. It would definitely amaze the scouts and judges at least!

Personally, I could see it being most useful in cases where you’d otherwise bottom out or tip. Games like 2006 or 2007 might be the best applications, though the anti-tipping nature might’ve been particularly nice in 2003, where an ill-timed run up the hill could land you on your back.

The problem would be making sure the robot could handle a disable command without self-destructing; some kind of kickstand would be in order, along with software that didn’t allow the robot to spaz out when going back and forth between the two states (see also: 2005).

I offer a tip of the hat, and perhaps also some Krispy Kremes, to any team that can pull off this kind of feat on the field.

If you don’t want to (or don’t have the resources to) build your own PC board, InvenSense offers an evaluation board. $150 = not cheap.

I guess you guys don’t remember, I think it was the 2001 game we had to ballance our robot on a bridge with two goals. A few teams could do it with no problem back then. That was when they gave us the first gyro.