Bought parts list

My teacher told me that I’m responsible for writing down a list of parts that we bought for the robot and putting that list on a flash drive. He also told me that there’s a specific form that I need to use and that this form can be found online. Where can I find it?
If you scroll down to Section 4 of the Game Manual, there is a BOM (Bill of Materials) template to for use. Basically, it is a cost list split into KOP parts and NonKOP Parts.
When you fill it out, I suggest you put it on to 2 flashdrives, and print out hard copies. This way, there is absolutely no way you can loose the copies. :slight_smile:

The BOM Template is here. You should review sections 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 of Section 4 - The Robot_RevL

Thanks for the help, guys.

Alright, I have a bunch of questions.

  1. What should I put where it says “insert comp name here”?
  2. Is it only necessary to list items that were actually used on the main robot? For example, we bought some extra motors, but never used them. Do I have to list those as well?
  3. We bought three items from First Choice including the Mini Kit, the Pneumatic Fitting Kit, and the Pneumatic Muscle. Are we required to put these parts on the BOM?
  4. I don’t understand the subsystems on the non-KOP list. How are we supposed to organize the items into difference subsystems?
  5. We bought many of these: How should those be listed?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Whatever the name of your competition is which according to is SBPLI Long Island Regional
  2. Only label stuff that is actually on the main robot, spare parts are excluded under <R20D>
  3. FIRST Choice items are excluded from cost calculations as stated by the GDC here
  4. Subsystems are arbitrary just to provide something to divide up the list of parts. Team 2502 has Frame, Electronics, Lifting Mechanism, Drivetrain, Grabber and Minibot Deployment as our subsystems.
  5. You could say 20 cents a piece and count how many are on your robot or count the number of boxes you used at 1.99 a box. They may also count as under $1.00 fasteners (someone more informed can chime in on this), which would not need to be counted.
  1. I am not sure, I think it means “Competition Name”
  2. Yes. You only need to list what you used on the HOSTBOT (MINIBOT not included).
  3. Again, the MINIBOT needn’t be included in the BOM. FIRST Choice items are considered KOP. If you used anything from FIRST Choice, list it in the KOP items section with a cost of $0.00
  4. The sub-systems would be things like drive train, elevator, etc. (vets, feel free to correct me)
  5. Since it is 1.99 for 10 (or ~ .20 each) they don’t have to be included in the BOM (I imagine these would be considered fasteners).

Hope this helps! Good luck at your competitions!

Thank you for your help. Is there an example BOM that I can use to cross-reference my own BOM with?

3) FIRSTChoice items don’t factor into your overall cost, but they do go on the BOM: on the KOP Items sheet. However, remember that minibot parts don’t go on the BOM (regardless of where you got them), so you’d just be listing the pneumatic stuff as far as FIRST Choice goes.
5) These should be fasteners, and are under $1.00 each as per <R20-C>. You should be good. We didn’t list ours, and our inspector went through it with a fine-tooth comb. Of course, it’s usually better to list too much than too little. EDIT: nitneylion’s got it now.

Hint from Team Update 17, if you haven’t seen it: name your BOM file (in your case) FRC2872_Hempstead.xls (or .csv or .ods) for when you give the inspector your flash drive. It helps with data mining post-season.

Where do the First Choice items go on the KOP? Should I just make extra rows?

The FIRST Choice items go on only if you used them on the HOSTBOT (not the MINIBOT).

PM me and I will be happy to email you our BOM.

Treat the First Choice items like any other KOP item.

Yes, but where on the list should I put them?

One more, and hopefully my last question:
Where would I list the items that were bought last year but that we used this year? Do we have to write down the price of each of these items?

Add them in an applicable subsystem with a cost of $0 and supplier as FIRST Choice I would imagine, the price of 0 is shown here. here

List the FC items in the subsystem where they were used, along with any other KOP parts. They are just KOP parts like those in your kit, just acquired separately.

Any purchased COTS items will have to be listed as non-KOP parts and their cost shown, regardless of when you bought them or where they came from. Even items salvaged from a previous robot or previous KOP must be listed as non-KOP parts with their cost, if they were not part of THIS YEAR’S KoP.

Additionally ignore any shipping costs on parts, and if you bought 24x24" of polycarbonate and used a square foot you can just charge based on what you actually used.

So, anything that came in this year’s KOP (including the Rookie Kit) get put in the KOP items section. For example: team x, which is not a rookie team, uses 6 Jaguar speed controllers on their HOSTBOT. They received 3 in the KOP this year. They check the KOP checklist and see that the rookie kit includes an additional 2 Jaguar speed controllers, making a total of 5. On their BOM, team x would list 5 Jaguars under KOP items, and 1 Jaguar under non-KOP items, because they are only using 1 Jaguar that wasn’t given in the KOP this year.

Hopefully that made sense, and moreover, answered your question.