Boulder Flow

How does your team plan on regulating the flow of boulders on the field? I’ve got a few ideas on how to handle being camped but other then that I feel like I am missing something obvious about boulder control.

Our bot will under the low bar, so it’s a straight shot from our human player station, through the outer works, and into scoring position. Our manipulators support direct feeding from the from the brattice into the robot, so if all goes well, the ball wont touch the ground all the way from the feeder station to the goal. If a team wants to get in our way as we’re grabbing a ball, they’ll just be hurting themselves with the fouls. Now, defense after crossing the outer works is the real bottleneck, but we’re hoping we’ve got ways of dealing with that.

We’ve recognized it as a problem, but don’t know how it’s going to play out. The field is going to seem pretty crowded, especially when all three robots want to use the same defense (e.g. low bar) and back right into the low bar to take a shot from the margin of the outer works. Picking the defenses will also figure into the traffic flow; by placing a defense next to the low bar which is hard/slow for the opposing alliance, traffic flow will get congested. By picking a relatively easy one there, it will relieve traffic flow through the neutral zone for both alliances unless one of the alliance goes to actively defending.

Wow, never thought of that. That’s a good thing to keep in mind going into the competition.

[EDIT]: Do we get to choose the positioning of the 3 chosen defenses though? I thought they get placed in the order they are chosen (i.e. If defense type “D” is the first to be chosen, it will be placed to the right of the low bar.) I may well be wrong though.