Bounce-back from nets

We don’t have a field built to exact specifications (made of wood, less chain, etc.), and we are using a full court shooter. When shooting, 30-60% of all shots hit the back of the net and bounce right back out.

This is a huge problem for us if the nets acts like that in competitions. We would really appreciate any insights from teams with full fields built to specification.

  • If discs hit the back of the box, do they bounce back out?
  • How tight/strong are the chains, and do they do a good job of slowing discs down?
  • Is there any good way to test whether discs bouce out without a full field?
  • How do the corners of the net act when frisbees hit them? (Do they bouce in to the net more often or bounce out?)

Thanks guys.

We’ll know Saturday.

The real field is tested with team built robots for the first time at the Suffield Scrimmage here in CT every year.

By tommorrow someone will be able to answer this with hard evidence.


Any word on bounce-back?

I’d also be interested if there’s any information yet on this.

You can watch live and see for yourself here

I’m sure the teams there will let us know after the event tomorrow.

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Why don’t you use the correct amount of chain then?

I’ve actually been hearing from a lot of people that the frisbees bounce out pretty easily, even when you are just throwing them with your hand. Just account for that on your robot so you can lower the speed or adjust the angle if the problem keeps occurring. At least that is what my team is doing.