BoundingRect Height

Hello, does anyone know how to get the BoundingRect Height data for a particle in the vision analysis. My team used a vector<particleanalysisreport> but all we could find was boundingRect which did not tell us anything.

Sure thing. When you get the vector back, I’ll assume (for the moment) that you can iterate through the vector and get the ParticleAnalysisReport objects back…

ParticleAnalysisReport& par = (*vPAR)*;

int h = par.boundingRect.Height;

I am doing this a bit from memory earlier today - but basically there is a “Rect” structure which is what boundingRect is within the Report class. It has Top/Left/Width/Height.

That’s the ticket.


The definition of Rect is in WPILib

typedef struct Rect_struct {
    int top;    //Location of the top edge of the rectangle.
    int left;   //Location of the left edge of the rectangle.
    int height; //Height of the rectangle.
    int width;  //Width of the rectangle.
} Rect;

Thanks Mike for the official word. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. If I know a particle location in the vector like
int particle
vector->at(particle); //particle is the particle number i want
is the correct sysntax to get the boundingrect height

ParticleAnalysisReport& par = (*vector)[particle];
int h= par.boundingRect.height;

ParticleAnalysisReport *p;
int rectWidth;
int rectHeight;
for (unsigned i = 0; i < particles->size(); i++)
    p = &(particles->at(i));
    rectWidth = p->boundingRect.width;
    rectHeight = p->boundingRect.height;