Bowling Lock-in Fundraiser...?

1089 is planning on hosting a bowling lock-in fundraiser. What does this mean? Basically, a whole bunch of FIRST kids would come to Hightstown NJ, and chill in the bowling alley overnight. There are multiple things to do there, such as bowling (duh), pool (as in the game, not swimming… to avoid all confusion), dancing/listening to music, games (the kind on the machines at bowling alleys and similar places–technically called video games), possibly videogame tournaments (probably games like halo and such), possibly DDR setup/tourney, movies. we may have prize opportunities. there will be food provided, most likely pizza and soda at night and bagels and juice in the morning, or something similar. The cost would be around $20-25 a person. if you have any other suggestions for things to do, we would be glad to hear about them, so if you do please contact me by p/ming me here or i/ming me on AIM at CRoberts522. This event would probably be taking place the first or second saturday of June. If anyone from your team is interested, please let me know how many people from your team would like to go!

The overview for those of you who didn’t wanna read all that =p
Who: mercury 1089
What: bowling lock-in fundraiser–lots of entertainment, see above if interested
Where: Hightstown, NJ
When: 1st or 2nd sat. in june
Why: to have an awesome time, and see friends you don’t usually have the opportunity to see
Please let me know if you would like to go, and how many people from your team would like to go. Thanks.

–Carli Roberts, 1089.

another good way to do this as a fundraiser would be to get pledges from people on a per pin donation like “I’ll give you $.05 per pin you bowl” i know that this means you keep track of score but if each person could get $.10 per pin that money could add up fast over the course of a few hours

we’ve done that in previous years, which is why the bowling fundraiser came to mind again this year. however-- our team is not very large, and we were making some money, but not a lot, doing this. we invited other teams from the area and such, but it was difficult for them to come because of transportation and traveling home late. so this year, i thought maybe we could try a lock-in, and get a bunch more teams together, since they’d be staying overnight, transportation wouldn’t be so much of a problem, with no night traveling. also, this is definitely going to be more fun, and will make us more money.

That sounds like an awesome idea. I’ll run it by 1626, but I’m sure our lettuce captain will see this post eventually. :ahh:

lettuce captain here
sounds like the bowling night is a great idea
we willl def try to get over there

I like bowling.
I like seeing friends.
I know how to get to Jersey.

Hmm… Sounds like a plan. :cool:
Count me (and probably about a handful of other 237ers) in!

Yes dont we know that you know how to get to jersey lol…i’ll give the idea to my team and see what can become of it.

I thought there was like at least a hundered people waiting to come to this Carly?

No, Mike. I said that all the people I spoke to about it seemed interested, and that the goal would be to have at least 150 people, and that we probably won’t do it unless we get an absolute minimum of 100 people that can commit to coming.

well elgin… would you wind adding a 121’er in that trip!?! =X

Carli, Get a solid date and put it up, if im free, count me in!

well judging from the feedback i’m getting from people, i’m going to say that if we end up doing it, it will most likely be on saturday, june 4th.

A few of us 1396erz are definately interested
Ull probably get about 5-10 of us
Were a fun luvvin bunch
Ull be hearing from us soon enuff :smiley:

Awesome! Yeah, I’m getting pretty positive feedback from everyone, so I hope they can all make it out here! Just a reminder to everyone, you’re running out of time! Please let me know through delphi or by e-mail if anyone from your team is interested… the deadline for early registration, and reduced entrance fee, is coming up quickly!

[edit/]Also-- I can’t make any promises, but we’re planning on selling Bawls along with our other snacks and drinks. Thought some of you guys might be interested! =p[/edit]

Please head over to this thread to RSVP if you’re coming to BLAH! Can’t wait to see you!