Has anybody practiced bowling the boulder through the EMBRASURE? How easy is it? Is it conceivable to bowl it all the way through the low bar to the opponent’s Courtyard? Can your average Human Player (no experience) consistently bowl a boulder all the way through the Secret Passage to the Neutral Zone?

As of yet, we haven’t tested bowling the boulders, but I do remember that in the game reveal video they said the low bar was designed so that boulders bowled by the HP could not possibly get under it.

I’m not sure how anyone could bowl all the way into the far courtyard legally, especially after Team Update 2. Neutral Zone seems a far more likely conclusion.

The Low Bar is made with two steel pipes, one to suspend the fabric and the other at the bottom to weigh it down. I have not tried bowling under the Low Bar, but I seriously doubt anyone will be able to get the ball through it from the Embrasure. The GDC likely chose to have such a heavy bar there for this reason specifically.

The Low Bar is made of aluminum, not steel, I was thinking of the team drawings.

and then made it a technical foul if you hold the fabric with a robot for every boulder that goes under the low bar just to be sure.

We have had several team members able to bowl the boulder at least into the neutral zone.
Even a decent “granny bowl” could make it to the end of the secret passage.

The hardest part is not throwing it too hard.

What about kicking?

No rules against it.

I saw the Q&A allowing kicking, got really excited and went and tried it out. I hoped that it would be possible to kick it over the low bar, sadly no dice. The embrasure opening being over a foot deep really prevents any upward motion a kick puts on the ball.

Has anyone tried putting the boulders through the top slot? If so… Did it work well?

It, uh fits. If you use the Brattice, the ball will pretty much just fall and sit on the carpet. I am not sure if there are any alternative impounding techniques that could be of much benefit.

I thought so. Thanks!

Well our Human player happens to be on our schools bowling team so I think we are in pretty good shape.

No rules against it but the main problem that we saw was that kicking it caused the ball to bounce too much, making it hit the top of the hole in the wall. As for bowling, after 5 minutes of practice I think anyone could do it somewhat reliably.

Try kicking it near the middle of the ball or with the side of your foot. Works with a soccer ball, at least.

If someone were to lay down and punch it they might be able to get some upward angle on it.

Hold up let me get my pool cue I know a sweet trick shot for this.

Ehh, mebbe. Doesn’t he need 3 holes in the ball? :rolleyes:

Team 3711 was originally thinking of bowling the ball with enough force for it to hit the edge of the secret passage and bounce up and over the low bar. We quickly realized that we would not be able to combine enough speed and bounce for it to be carried over the low bar. Not only will the ball stop entirely if it hits the top of the player station, but if the ball hits the end of the secret passage with too much speed it will merely roll over without bouncing into the air.

Same here, our team’s human player happens to be a bowler. We haven’t had a chance to test bowling yet though since our playing field is still being worked on.