Box size

what’s the weight of the box with the robot and the battery’s box and the battary itself?

According to section “Weigh 400 pounds or less when loaded to avoid drayage overage charges.” 2.2 pounds is 1 kilo. Best of luck!

Brian Holmgren
The Gearheads Coach
Team 1981

I weighed our 117lb robot with 11 lb bumpers and 2 batteries at 389 lbs in the crate with packaging to protect the robot.

Make sure your crate is built to specifications and you shouldn’t tip the 400 lb weight limit.

The weight of the box depends, of course, upon how it is built. I have seen crates that weight 400 pounds by themselves.

The box + robot + batteries can weigh a lot, there is no real limit, but the ‘free’ shipping goes up to 400 pounds. 401 and you pay for the next hundredweight (meaning 401 = 500), and those charges can get into several hundred dollars quickly.

That means it is in your best interest to limit the weight to 400 lbs if at all possible.