Boy Scouting and FIRST

This week at my Troops meeting, we had several Eagle Scouts come in to talk about how being an Eagle has affected them in life and all the positives it provides.

Now with build season so close, my mind was obviously on FRC. This however got me thinking about the similarities between the two programs

Some things I thought about

  • Both programs rely heavily on teamwork and leadership to get a task done
  • Both require a lot of respect
  • Both require a lot of hard work, and you need to be very dedicated to get the robot built/ achieve Eagle.

This also got me wondering, about Scouts in FIRST and visa versa. Some questions I have.

  1. How many Boy Scouts do you see in your team/ the entire program?

  2. As a mentor or team member, do you notice a difference in the work ethics, or manner in which the scouts on your team conduct themselves?

  3. Do you think that them being scouts has helped them make great contributions to your team?

To any Scoutmaster that may be on this forum:
Do you see that those in your Troop who are in FIRST bring over certain values from FRC that contribute to your Troops Program?

I believe that this would make an interesting conversation to have, and a great read.

I’ve seen a few on the team, but as far as I can see there’s no real difference in work ethics. (Actually, if anything, those people are the “slackers” of the team)

I think the ideals of Boy Scouts and the ideals of FIRST line up pretty well. And that’s all I really want to say about them organization wise.

Eagle Scouts are some of the most driven people and finest young men, if they’re lucky enough to be eligible and disciplined enough to meet the requirements. I wouldn’t hesitate to welcome one to a FIRST team I’m involved with.

  1. I think there were 2 last year, including one eagle scout.

  2. Not really, but probably because we are a relatively small team and everyone has to work hard.

3)It can if they are good leaders, but not everyone can be a good leader. Too many leaders and you might as well have none. Outside of leadership, scouting can help develop diverse interests allowing for experience in many fields, but not necessarily improving the potential for “great” contributions. those come from experience in a particular field and can come from anywhere.

Some differences are that FIRST doesn’t emphasize reverence, at all.

Also, FIRST hold the world championship annually. the world jamboree occurs only ~once every 4 years.

however, both attempt to inspire and provide experience to people in middle/high school. Also, both have programs aimed towards elementary school aged children.

I’m the only Boy Scout on my team, so I can’t really make generalizations. However, I feel that the organizations are very similar, although my team’s student leaders seem a lot more open to people slacking off and going far off on tangents.

Speaking from experience both are quite a bit of work, I haven’t quite attained eagle yet, (board is Jan 15 th), they have been a constant amount of work.

As far as them being similar, they are very similar as much as I’ve seen.
To answer the Questions,

  • There are 5 that I know of (including myself)
  • 3 of the five are freshman so I haven’t seen them work and the one other than myself works more in the electrical end of it, (myself more mechanically inclined), so idk about him

Our team recently partnered up with a branch of the Boy Scouts called the Venturing Club, or something like that. I’m not a boy scout, but about half of my team is. But that’s not saying much considering we only have about 10 people.

Thats pretty awesome.

In case someone was wondering, Venturing is a form of older co-ed scouting from BSA that focus on a certain area. Some focus on camping, other hiking, some even focus on sailing (Sea Scouts is a Division of Venturing).

I was always thinking that creating a venturing Crew that does FIRST Robotics would be pretty awesome. It would be the two programs rolled into one.

It seems like, at least at one time, there was a robotics team around Indianapolis that was also a Venturing Crew. But that was a couple years ago when my family first moved to the Boy Scout camp I live at.

I got my Eagle a couple years before I joined (or even knew about) robotics. I was the only one on my robotics team with any major Scouting experience except the mentor, so I can’t really make any judgements. But I do think it would be cool to see a Venturing Crew focus as a FIRST team. It just kinda gets confusing because FIRST is high school students and Venturing goes up through age 20 as “youth”. But nothing that can’t be worked around. :slight_smile:

My team has at least 4 Eagle scouts on it (myself included). And at least 5 more scouts.

The programs teach different things, and help contribute to a well rounded individual. Boy Scouts teaches youth to be responsible and a good leader. FIRST teaches teamwork, and the value of individual innovation.

I think that the Boy Scouts on the team work better as leaders and organizers of the group. They seem to be more reliable than other members and are very committed.

My assessment may be a little skewed because I am an Eagle Scout and one of the captains of the team.

im a scout and half my team is, most of them have good work ethics and what not and it means i can trust them easily