Bragging Rights

Well, I wanted some. Yesterday on the 15 of November I celebrated my 10th year anniversary of when I received my Bone Marrow from my brother in a Bone Marrow Transplant. I was the sixth canidate in the world to undergo this procedure for this particular disease. I had massive chemotherapy (which explains my hair) and I was 9!!! I’m 19 now and completely engrafted with all the right genes and whatnot. And in case your all wondering, I had Adrenoleukodystrophy (scary how I just typed that out). It’s a rare (1 in a million, I think maybe more) genetic disease that is passed down generation to generation. It only kills guys but is passed on through the women (because it doesn’t affect them, or not as nearly as bad). In case your looking for a famous story on this, check this one out: Hirshbeck Story or watch the movie, Lorenzo’s Oil. I took the stuff for about a year myself and I can personally vouch that the stuff is absolutely the nastiest stuff you’ll ever taste and about $300 a bottle one of the most expensive things you’ll ever taste (also not covered by any insurance, those wonderful people). Ok I think that about does it for me. I was just so excited when I made it to ten years yesterday that I really didn’t feel like posting or anything (including that homework I should probably do now). Anyway talk to you all later or feel free to email me at or aim me at tj2rebel. See you all round.

Well then, Happy Anniversary!!


Go Lee!