Brainstorming how to untip

We are doing a general brainstorming right now and we are worried about tipping over. We are coming to a roadblock as for ideas as to untip. Any ideas?

Might I suggest a google search on old Battle Bots?

Have an arm that is used to hang later.

Have a standard hanging bar on your robot that can easily be grabbed to top you upright.

And the best method: don’t tip.

The best method may be not tipping at all, but then we need a method to ensure that we don’t tip over, which seems to be posing as much of a problem.

if your robot works well in any zone, or at least 2, then you don’t need to go over bumps, therefore tipping is least likely.

if you’re going over a bump, especially if you want to go quickly, I’d suggest planning to tip.

As far as untipping, pneumatics are very effective, but you need to account for the weight you are adding (though I expect alot of underweight robots this year)

I don’t think passive tip prevention will work this year (weighted arms that swing out to break your fall), since you have to remain within your bumper area until after you have tipped.

Weapons, however, aren’t cool in FIRST. :ahh:

Look up team 365 from 2006 I believe it was. Also, arms such as 233’s are plenty powerful and maneuverable to get the job done.

Indeed they are not but Robot Wars is just saying that it is commonly a weapon on their robots. But the concepts shown do not have to be weaponry :slight_smile:

Aye, but the best self-righers used a high powered flipping weapon to self right, something that really can’t be duplicated in FIRST.

Off the top of my head, the best way to untip is to build a climbing arm that unfolds from the top of your bot. Kills two birds with one stone.

what are the rules on flipping the robot I can’t find them can we extend outside of our starting dimensions

<G30-B> has the rule on extension when untipping yourself or your partner. You also get 10 seconds without opponents contacting you under <G32>.