Brake mode on pwm's

Which pins make the pwm’s go into brake mode? ab or bc :ahh:

I assume that by “the pwm’s” you mean “the speed controllers”. Anyway, there’s a little jumper on the Victor 884 near the LED and the PWM connector. If it’s currently in coast mode, pull the jumper off and reconnect it in the other position to switch it to brake mode.

Or just leave the jumper pin completely off.
Just remember that at power off at the end of the match that motors might unwind…

ie Winch motor has brake and your off the floor. Stop the winch and it will hold.

The match ends and your winch motor starts to unwind due to the load on the cable.


to clarify the question… is “A” “B” coast mode or is it “B” “C”?? we need to know which location to place the jumper, we understand the dynamics of coast versus brake, just need to know which 2 pins to place the jumper on to get to coast mode.

C is for Coasting
thats good enough for me!