Brand new CKD Single Solenoid Valve air leak

We bought through AndyMark the “am-2344” and the “am-2344a” 5X2 Single Solenoid Valve at 2019.

We found that there is an air leak through the hole in the valve as shown at the attached image:

As a first instinct of replacing it with another one, the problem continued.
we tried to replace it on more time and got to an understanding that the problem might not be at the valve itself, but at the pneumatic system itself.

there are two important points:

  1. The valve is brand new (but the replacers aren’t.
  2. There is no fitting connected to this port- as it should be, so there is no way that the solution is PTFE on the fitting or something like that.

A diagram of our system can be found here:

Can anyone help me out?

Trying to understand - you replaced the solenoid valve, and the problem persisted?
If so, look down the plumbing of that branch.

Looking again, is that an exhaust port? Do you really have anything there, and if so, what is it doing? (This isn’t impossible or unheard of, but it is quite unusual.)

If that port really is a cylinder supply port and there is some leaking from it, my recommendation would be to take the ports off of the switching body (usually held on by long thin screws), and check to see if the gasket between the switching body and the port manifold is intact.

we found the problem! it was an internal leak at the cylinder which was connected to this Solenoid Valve. thanks for your help!

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