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Hello Everyone now i know your probably are reading this going great another newbie post something already post well i would like to say your wrong. i post on threads frequently so yes i did my research before posting.

I made this thread so that any one willing to help us does. My school James J. Ferris H.S, New Jersey has just started a new robotics team 2569, all thanks to our awesome Physics teacher Mr. Chiarllo whom got all the grants and sponsorships he also organized every thing to make the team official. And so were a brand new newbie team we have like ten people on it with no current knowledge of making robotics but were all relay technological and hands on. No one’s been assigned on jobs because were waiting for the Kick OFF :smiley: ( I Can’t Wait) we will be there for anyone to meet us. our team helping us already is Paskak Valley team 1676 there real great help but we could use all the help we get. They gave us an old bot of theres to help us get used to and trash around :smiley: . plus they told us about this site.

Anyways i made this thread so that i could post questions not already posted and hopefully get answers. So every time we have a(ny) question(s) i will post them up. any answer will be appreciated.

  1. How, or Where doe we go to start our site? - i am helping my teacher design a good preview site so we can give to potential sponsors and etc. we have all design and stuff just. How do we get it on to the web, What did you guys use? And do you have any tips or tricks?

  2. Were can we get cool custom shirts made, and possibly cheap? i also am helping to design the shirt and am almost done just now we need some place to get them made FYI the shirt will be full screen well partial actually but it will have allot of designs on it.
    I am a senior and also have Co-op so i got to go to school and work and robotics team but ill make it work. but more importantly i wanna help get our team totally started so that next year when i leave i know our team is prepared. SO ANY ONE THAT HELPS ME I THANK YOU.


Welcome to the community.

For a website, you could try talking to your school administrator and try and get the school to host it. or you could use

It’s not great, but it’s useful to people like me who are not programmers. is ours. Not that great, but it gets the job done.

  1. for shirts, we just found a small local shirt shop. We told them about our situation and school and stuff, and they gave us a nice discount.

Sites that will come in handy:

We got your back.

I think you have enough info on web sites, but I want to echo Kathie’s comments to not worry so much about design, focus on content. Look at other team web sites, see what you like and what is useful, and build your content. If you got a computer guy at the school ask him or her for advice.

As for the shirts: Focus on the design, but remember that really fine lines and some halftones do not reproduce well in silkscreen. Also, more colors cost more, so try to stick to a team color for the shirt and a contrasting ink for the screen design. The Pioneers use 2 ink colors: Black shirts with white printing, and a touch of yellow in the logo.

Then look in the yellow pages for places near by that do silkscreen, there are plenty of them. Go with an adult and talk to them, maybe they can help you out on the price in exchange for becoming a sponsor. Remember that these places are always being asked that, so don’t get disappointed, but definitely ask (the worst they can say is no). Also, you ahve some funding, sometimes you have to spend the money. Get extra shirts (we get 2 for each regional so we don’t have to wear a dirty shirt or do laundry - Thursday we wear any old shirt) because you’ll want to give a few away to sponsors, school administrators, parents and other important supporters.

Regarding the Co-Op: Your first priority is and always should be school. Keep your grades up! Even if you have to do homework instead of cutting aluminum… Second priority is the co-op, while you are at work. Work yur hardeat, do your best work, but once you leave for the day you can think about other stuff (like homework or robots). The LAST priority is robots. And don’t forget food, family, and some fun too.

We’ll talk again at the kickoff. Meanwhile, drive the robot, study it to see where the wires go and why, change the programming to see what effect is has… This is your practice bot, use it!

Finally: For your rookie year, resist the temptation to do it all. Focus on a few things and be great at them, instead of doing everything, but poorly. Think about your robot base, about your wheels, about your drivetrain. When you are putting it together after kickoff, think about how you’re going to get it apart again when it breaks.

After kickoff, first figure out what it will take to win the game, then figure out what kind of robot can do that. 2 years ago, what won the game was the ability to shoot a few baskets or herd a few balls or play defense, and then to climb that ramp.

Oh yeah: Keep Asking Questions!


First things FIRST, (yes, that is a pun):slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums and more importantly, welcome to the hardest fun you will ever have. This is the beginning of something that will change your lives!!

I wish we were closer, but sadly, we are on the West Coast. Regardless, if there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to ask.

Welcome to FIRST and the CD Community!

I’ve posted a couple times about how our team used a couple years ago and were quite pleased with the result. Here is a link that I posted on the design and prices of the shirts.

I have experience in hardware selection, setup, installation, domain name registration, DNS record management, website hosting, basic & MSSQL, and Windows 2003 feel free to pm, or email me with any questions.

Good luck with your new team.

Well as a 4 year member and a senior now i found that the best way to leave a team is to be sure that your team is able to work in the community and is able to raise whatever money you need easily. make sure you can do the same and more things every year to help your team. If you have questions just ask.

First off let me start off by saying,I kept hearing how this sport had allot to do with Gracious professionalism but i never knew you guys lived by that rule. i mean wow one day and so many views and responses awesome i was informed by Pasacack that this site had much information and that the people here were very nice and helpful so i just wanted to say thanx to every one who posted.

I work down at the Board of Education so i got the number for the guy who is in charge of the school site and stuff and gave it two my teacher who is in charge of our team he is gonna call and see if we can but the guys out of work till after Christmas Plus i get the week off!
as for t-shirts did you use the school’s t-shirt making company because we have school uniforms and think i could ask the principal to give their number so we could ask. but first we to get the design done first.

Thanks for all the links, and for suggestion on server space but could u give a link to the manual on who to set-up team websites. and as for my shirt design i checked cafe express it seems cool. But just curious can you do color bleed t-shirts like have an all black t-shirt and in the front have an image throughout the entire front? because i searched the site of cafe express and downloaded the template it was just 10inchx10inch. my school doesn’t have graphics art class (yet one of the art teachers is like a photo shop expert and teaches it in classes in college and is trying to organize a class in school for it) but my art teacher does know student who are good in it. and besides i do allot in photo shop like my avatar i made just its supposed to be 3d and move but it won’t

Thanks I know you got my back and yes i am very focused in school work to i have English AP (Which i have like 4 essays and a novel to read over break:ahh: ) but I’m doing awesome. and once again thanks you guys for having our backs!

Thank you. and we will seek for help if we need it. bummer you guys are to far away. thanks again for your willingness to help us!:smiley:

Yea i check out but it’s closed for the weekend i will make sure to check it out again so far its the cheapest i have seen compared to this site i found Custom T-shirts - Design T-shirts, Apparel & Promo Products Online it’s cool but too expensive. But does design-it let me do color bleeds on the t-shirt?:confused:

Will do Thank you for your help!

raising money may bee a problem because we can’t sell candy or any kind of fating food and that’s what was our biggest sellers. but i am an extremely well rounded student and on my schools fund raising committee and do fund raising for my senior class and for DECA so i am good at fund raising and plus the only assigned members with jobs in our team are the fund raisers they are meeting this week end with Goldman Sacks a possible sponsor for us the are meeting with the fund raisers in our team in one of the board meeting rooms to give them tips tricks and ideas on how to fund raise. So yes i will make sure to leave this year with the team functioning properly.

Happy Holidays to every one may you all have an amazing time and enjoy every moment of the day!!! = ) =]

It’s a FIRST thing. You gots to understand.

What a way to end the day! Awesome!

Well are you not able to sell candy in school or in the community? We do all of our fundraisers in the community because our school doesent give us money. but we try and sell not just candy but we do alot of demos outside of the town Wal-mart or it is to cold now but a car wash at the fire station. I know it sounds strange but we make some cash standing out there. so Try and set something like that up because like i said those work really well.:smiley: :smiley:

Welcome to FIRST and Chiefdelphi!!!

As far as fundraising goes…we have found we make (as much and sometimes more) money standing in front of grocery stores with the robot than we do with car washes. The Hexbug Fundraiser sells itself…although I’m not sure how they will do after christmas. (and they arent fattening!)

As far as t-shirts…thats what I do to for a living (and to support my robotics addiction)…just PM me and I will see what I can do.

Good luck, always ask for help when you need it…and give it when you can…Hope to see you at Championships!

Guys most of all the fund raisers at school are usually holiday orientated and by most i mean just about all. I just wanted to know if you guys have some unique fund raiser ideas that you use for January? Thanks for the help guys!:smiley:

I was informed that i shouldn’t write in text lingo so if your gonna post on how i shouldn’t, no need i got the memo.xD
And sorry for writing text lingo before?

I would strongly recommend you take a look at this thread and this thread. Both of them discuss the Hexbug fundraiser offer available to teams. It has been a very successful program for us - we sold over $6000 worth in under two weeks, with almost no effort.


Welcome to FIRST.

I’ll say this:

I’m alright at designing and building robots (my team, as a whole, built a strong, meaty robot last year that was good, although not without it’s issues) and I’ll be willing to help you out if you want. Shoot me a PM or an email (preferably an email as I don’t check CD all that often) if you want some of my help regarding chassis-s or drivetrains.

Mike Baker

Hi Welcome to FIRST:)
I guarantee that you will have a great time:)

whats up guys sorry have been busy! so i was posting.

I went to the kick-off and wow overdrive seems real hard (mostly because it my first year) but guys so you should expect this i have some questions?

  1. First of all is that guys if we made a robot which could hold one ball and still move one around would that be cool? what i mean is like say were a blue bot and we grab and capture a red ball on top of our bot then we keeping moving and push a blue one would that be against the rules because from what i saw it isn’t so if you know could you please tell me! SO BASICALLY- is there a rule or how many track balls your robot can hold or move at once? there any rule for how many arms a robot can have?

3.Is there a rule for how many balls you can move at once?

4.What kind of wheels or wheel drive will give top speed and control? and what kind of control is best to use with it?

I post pics up latter by guys!:smiley:

  1. Read the game rules, it’s outlined pretty well.

  2. Not that I know of. Just size & weight limitations.

  3. Read the game rules.

  4. Depends, really. Roughtop tread is good for traction, but you also need to keep in mind gear ratios. 8:1 through 4:1 is ideal for Overdrive. You don’t need a lot of pushing power. so something relatively smooth with rounded corners will work well, methinks.

Welcome to FIRST!

Assuming that your team will participate at the Garden State Regional, I look forward to meeting you and your team there! Give us a shout if you need any help in the next 6 weeks - or during the regional itself! We would be more than happy to help!

Good Luck!