Brand New Vex Parts, Low Cost

If y’all are in need of any of these Vex-produced parts, we have every item on this spreadsheet in either original packaging unopened for 50% of the retail cost, or in unused condition without the package for 25% of retail. We also have a variety of used Vex parts that we will give to teams in need for the cost of shipping. We are a team and are not used to selling stuff; we simply want to fill the gap for teams that have a few items they might need and don’t want to compromise their principles if they can help it. Hopefully this develops into a larger network of teams helping other teams this year, as it’s looking like a very hard year to get parts.

1339 Vex Parts Spreadsheet


This is actually a really good idea, someone should make a Craigslist/Facebook marketplace for robotics parts.

We’ll take all sprockets, 20 dp gears and HTD pulleys. 581 barely has any right now :(.


US FIRST (FRC) Garage Sale Items - Want It, Buy It or Sell It | Facebook does exist if you’re a FB user. But it’s not quite as active.

Another option would be bring back the concept of CD Swap as a board here for those posts.


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