Brand of Cylinders

Is parker an allowed brand or do they have to be Bimba? Anyone know?

As far as I can tell, we an use any brand. There is no mention of which brands you can use.

<R72> In addition to the items included in the KOP, pneumatic system items specifically permitted on 2010 FRC ROBOTS include the following items. All included items must be “off the shelf” pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for pressure of at least 125psi, and used in their original, unaltered condition (except as required for assembly with other components).

D. In addition to the pneumatic cylinders provided in the KOP and the “free” pneumatic cylinders available for order through the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form, additional air cylinders or rotary actuators may be used. Cylinders may be of any configuration, and may be of any size up to a maximum of 24-inch stroke and 2-inch diameter.

According to this year’s rules as long as it meets the stroke, bore and pressure rating requirements brand doesn’t matter.
See <R72> specifically <R72D>

Thanks Jim!

That was my reading as well. It looks like they’ve really opened up parts of the pneumatic rules this year.

Last year.