Branding Standards Mega Thread

Inspired by @mdurrani834, I am starting a thread for teams to post their branding standards, style guides, visual identity guidelines, etc. If you have any other examples of exemplary branding standards, please also share them. Hopefully, this can be a good resource that teams can reference when designing their own standards.

Hyperlink for easy access:


Starting Set (From Discord)

FRC 4911: CyberKnights

FRC 7461: Binary Circles

FRC 3161: Tronic Titans

FRC 1538: Holy Cows

FRC 2485: W.A.R. Lords

FRC 3128: Aluminum Narwhals


Team 254: The Cheesy Poofs
Team 1868: Space Cookies
Big Bacon Theory of Image and Marketing (1902) <- not branding guidelines, but a presentation about team branding


Team 238: The Crusaders

Team 2412: The Robototes

While our branding guide is still in production, I have a handful of useful resources for people working on team branding:

FullCircle Intro to Branding (Download)

Roaring Riptide’s (Re)Branding Guide

FRC 5190: Green Hope Falcons