Brandon is freaking cool!

I want to be cool like brandon and have the song i am playing in winamp in my signature! How the heck are you doing that? I’m assuming php but you know what happens when you assume…

anyway, could ya shed some light on the music thing?

My semi-educated guess is that normal people won’t be able to do it :slight_smile: I can’t really think of how it’d be done…it’s too late to think.

This is what was made of it:

oops, guess i missed that :rolleyes:

once Wetzel gets the Winamp plug-in done, everyone will be able to do it.

I may just go ahead and make the plug-in, if Wetzel can’t get to it in the next week or three…


yea u can also do it with java… its easier but the problem is i dunno if the forum will allow us to put java in the signatures. Java can be very dirty…:smiley:

nope, i had a different trick up my sleeve :slight_smile:

it would involve no modifications to vBulletin at all… just a little php script on the server (or another server) and a winamp plugin that needs to be made, described in the thread that Joel pointed out

Java is in no way the tool for the job. I can’t believe you even suggested that. Javascript maybe, but definately not Java.

i dont think u got me there… i was talking about an applet that can recieve the songs playing through a plugin.