Brandon (Webmaster) is married!

Congratulations to Brandon Martus and Valerie on their marriage Saturday September 28th, 2002.

This was an outside wedding in a beautiful gazebo alongside the Clinton River in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. The weather was a perfect sunny sky day in the low 70’s.

I will post some pictures very soon.


Congratulations Brandon and Valerie!

Congrats Mr. Brandon and Ms. Valarie Martus!

Congrats from MVRT team 115 and myself! :smiley:

Congrats on your special day!!:smiley:

congrats mister martus and mrs. mister martus :cool:

Thats Happy Happy


Congrats Brandon and Ms. Martus :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Happy thoughts to you both.

Congrats to Brandon and his wife!

Also, congrats to all of the Martuses (or is it Martii?).

Andy B.

/me gives the gun and wink to Brandon

/me says: “You Da’ Man!”

Congrats!! :slight_smile: :rolleyes:


Congratulations!!! ::throws rice belatedly::

*Originally posted by Christina *
**Congratulations!!! ::throws rice belatedly:: **

Bird killer!! Bird Killer!!

can you kill 2 birds with one grain of rice ??

…and who said FIRST guys don’t get women? :wink:

Congrats you two!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Martus.