Brass Fittings to PVC?

My team, 1778 Chill Out is trying to set up pneumatic for our robot and have come to challenge. We just got new storage tanks and they are made of PVC. What we are wondering is if it is a good idea to use brass fittings on PVC pipe?

Are you sure the tanks are PVC, and not some similar-looking plastic? And when you say “pipe”, you mean tanks, and they’re not made of pipe, right?

Do you have a part number of the tank? Are they the black Clippard or white tanks from AndyMark? If so, I believe they are polypropylene. You wouldn’t use brass fittings if it is one of those tanks.

I wouldn’t use the threaded tanks… To finicky when it comes to putting the fittings in. Tighten to much and it is easy to crack the tank, not enough and you will have a leak. I’d see about getting the tanks that have the push in fitting already installed in the tank ends. Just my 2cents