Braves Games During Championships?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, I figured since the Braves play in Atlanta and are playing at home during the Championships it was appropriate.

Is anyone going to the Braves/Mets games while in Atlanta this year?

I was thinking of going Friday night after the competition, and was wondering what people’s opinions of going were. For those of you that have gone in the past, how far is Turner Field from the Georgiadome? Is it worht going?

Well there has been a bit of talk between the team and/or just my family going. It will definitly be a good game. The top 2 teams in the NL east are going to be there I would definitly go.

I’m thinking about going. Although, I might get harassed for wearing my Mets jersey. :wink:
I’ve been a Mets fan for all my life.

You’re not the only one…I say we take all the Mets fans from the Northeast that will be there…get us all to take over Turner Field and show Atlanta who they’re up against

Turner Field is not too far from the Georgia Dome, however I recommend taking Marta Braves shuttle to the game from downtown. The bus picks up passengers at the World of Coca-Cola/Underground and drops them off right by the stadium. See for more details.

Enjoy your time while you’re in my fair city. :slight_smile:


Is there a point in going to the games. The Braves are going to win anyways. lol jk. I think we might go to the game Friday night but I am not completely sure. There is one thing though, it only took me a couple years to figure out, eat before hand, it will make your pockets a lot happier. $7 a hotdog isn’t exactly the greatest price.

Turner field isn’t too bad, only $5 hotdogs, but day of usually there are $1-$5 tickets if you want to get in cheaply. ALso if taking MARTA, give yourself plenty of time as the busses aren’t always the most reliable, but yeah the braves are probably gonna win anyways

Who cares what the dogs cost? Turner Field is a great stadium and you owe yourself a game there if you are a baseball fan. Say hi to the statue of Hank Aaron for me. (OK, it’s not Dodger Stadium, but few parks are…)

Team 69 will be going to the Friday night game (I believe). We haven’t been to nationals since Houston and wanted to keep Saturday night open for the social/after party which I think is Saturday night. We were looking for something to do that was cool, yet inexpensive and the Braves game seemed like something reasonable…as long as it doesn’t rain :eek:

If teams are interested in this I can talk with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and see if we can set up a block of seats and make it FIRST Robotics Day at the park.
I will need to know how many people are going from a given group and I will see about price for desent seats.

Braves fans are a low key lot. You probably won’t get hasseled much.
It’s not like me wearing my Yankee haters garb in Yankees stadium. That would get me killed! :yikes:

I believe that team 175 is going on friday. We had fun last year (even the non baseball lovers) However it did cause the scouting team to get to bed a bit late as friday is when we (and most teams, I think) discuss who we want to pick. The stadium was very nice and I know that a few other teams went. :slight_smile:

For blocks just call turner field, I’ve done it before, its pretty easy especially since Turner field rarely fills up before the playoffs.
As for yankee hater gard in yankee stadium, thats blasphemy here.

On the side though, check out the new aquarium in downtown, its right near the convention center and is supposedly amazing.

Wildstang is currently planning to go.

I’ll probably go again… it is a great place. But I’m sure my seats won’t be as good as last year.

As I was walking in with another FIRST volunteer a stranger walked up to us and asked where our seats were (they were originally nose-bleed with the other FIRSTers). We wondered what a scalper would be doing inside the stadium, but then he handed us two of his corporate tickets - seats 4 rows up from the Braves dugout, 1/2 way between home and 1st base!! We had an up-close and personal view of one of the cameramen getting beaned by a tipped ball.

Team 384 is going to the Braves/Mets game on Friday. I think we have seats in the outfield.
Go Braves!

Media Dude

I’m considering going… my team won’t (it’s still up in the air if they are going or not) but I’m a huge baseball fan so I’ll try to make it there :slight_smile:

HELLOOOOooo :smiley:
We at Team 88 TJ2 have gone every year and will be in the outfield again. See all of the great FIRST teams Friday night !!! What a great place to see a ball game. "RED SOX, PATS and the B’s for ever. :yikes:
See all sooooooon
MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2

I live 2 hours from Atlanta, my family and I have been to several Braves games in the past. If you’ve never been to Turner Field, you’ll enjoy it. Its a well layed-out park, and you get a good view from nearly any seat. The home fans won’t assault you if your wearing a visitors jersey (for the most partk, stay near a sober crowd). Oh, and beware of the random mascot/Cartoon Network character walking up to you and messing with you.

Have fun, I’ll hopefully see some of ya’ll that Saturday.
Go Braves!