Brazil Remote Off Season Event - Be a part of it!

Hello CD community, my name is Bruno and I work with stemOS and SESI, Brazil’s Program Delivery Partner for FIRST. And I`m the mentor for team 1156 as well.

I have an invitation for you!

FIRST in Brazil is growing, and I am very excited to announce that on 2021 SESI will be running an REMOTE Off Season event for the first time! The main goal of this event is to promote FRC in Brazil and give 15 pre-rookie teams their first competition, as well as to give experience to our Brazillian Judges and Volunteers.

The process will be very similar to the one used by FIRST on the 2021 season, albeit with a few modifications on the challenges to better suit the reality of the Brazillian teams. We are going to have:

  • Skills Competition - with adapted rules
  • Judged Robot Awards
  • Traditional submitted awards and team judged awards
  • FIRST Innovation Challenge

The top Skills Competition teams will also be invited to play on a LIVE remote challenge (similar to the remote FTC structure) with alliance selections and all, that will be broadcasted on the day of the awards ceremony! The judging and submission process will happen on the first week of november, with the final awards ceremony happening on the 7th of December.

And as the event is completely remote we would like to extend an invitation to you and your team to participate as well! Just send us your team and contact info at and we will follow up with all the info needed. (do it before the 21th of September :wink:).

We do have a limited amount of spots available, so don’t hesitate to contact us. I am also hapy to answer any questions you might have here!


This is an incredible idea and opportunity. Thank you for sharing it. When would the skills portion need to be submitted by, and would there be an interview portion (I do not remember if this was a thing. We could not compete in the skills challenge durring the season)?

The skills portion, along with all other submissions are due November 8. We will be holding remote interviews for the Judged Robot Awards and Chairman’s Award! Both follow the original time constraints.

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