Brazil Team has Houston accommodations question

Hello All:

FRC 6404 Brazil rookie has advanced to Houston. Yay!

The travel cost to Houston is prohibitive for Brazil teams, esp. our rookies.

I am curious to see of any FIRST teams would be willing to allow us to grab a piece of carpet in your rooms - either gratis or to share your hotel room costs for the nights we stay. I am expecting a small number of 6404 adults & kids going - 10 or less, most likely.

These are wonderful kids, many of whom are from very challenging life circumstances & choosing to rise above. They are very passionate about creating a better life for themselves and mentoring their community with what they are learning, making it loud for FIRST in their communities. We mentors want to get as many of this set of rookie kids there as we possibly can.


Thanks for taking the time to read/consider.



This is 5026 from Burlingame, California, USA
I asked our school district about this, and it seems like our district is rather unwilling to give us permission because it is also our first time as well.
(I really don’t know what they are worried about, but who understands the unfathomable mess of bureaucracy)
Maybe they’ll change their minds if I explain a little clearer, but I doubt it.

Sorry we couldn’t help, I hope another team won’t have such a stubborn district.