Brazilian team 1772 problems with the robot.


I Will talk a Little bit about our problems whit the robot, and this happen every year with some international teams.this is not a FIRST problem, is about
the international system.

To be a international (brazilian) team in FIRST is not easy, But we Love this!

Registration fee

plus US$500 for taxes (to send Money out brazil)


    **Option 1**: send for Brazil
    Cost: US$4000 Inportation FEE (brazilian government)
    Delay: only god knows (from 3 weeks to, maybe 1 month, may be 
    in 2016 for the olimpic games)(this is a Brazilian governament  problen)

    **Option 2:** 2 people GO to USA and take the KIT and come back
    with it in the bag (we use this)
    Cost: US$3000 (air tickets, hotels, transport)
    Delay: no delay
    Problem: is a little bit ilegal

Bimba extra parts

**Option 1:**send for brazil
Cost: around US$200 Importation FEE
Delay: fron 15 days to 1 month

Option 2: send for the 1º event (we use this)
Cost: 0
Delay: 1 year (we only can use in next year)

First choice:

Option 1: send for brazil
Cost:US$400 ship + US$200 importation FEE

Delay: from 15 days to 1 month

Option 2: send to regional and use next year (we use this)

Send the robot for regional
Option 1: temporary export (can GO and came back whit fedex free)

Delay: 15 days for GO and from 30 days to years to come back

**Option 2:**definitive export ( we use this)

Delay: 3 days for GO and need to be projected for come back in the bag (1772 and 383 do this)

This special year!!! 2011

We need to use FTC kit!
Brazil dont have 1 single FTC kit

This year we had a delay whit sponsorship,(registration delay) so we lost the first choice and we dont have Access to KOP (we Will take it at regional (for use next year…funny)

Do you believe? We dont have LOGO PIECES!

And we Will have it only 7 days after Andy marks has!

The Best part!!!

We can’t buy Tetrix pieces and send to brazil, because it may have a big delay

So we bot 2 tetrix Motors, 1 tetrix batery and 2 sensors and sent to a friend team (1102 from SC) and they sent to us in a little Box with a message for brazilian government (for not have delay)

Finaly … whem you see our Team (1772) going to your regional and have good results like last year,know that ever challenge that i sad was overcome and make the robot is the easy part!!!

I hope FIRST can apply a off in the registration FEE for international teams next seasons.

Thanks teams (57,334,383,1102,1319, 1519,1730) this teams
helped us a lot every year!!!

And Carla proux US FIRST( to make our life more easy)

Jeser Becker

Team update 4 does not require that you use Tetrix aluminum. It states that you are allowed to use raw aluminum. So any local source is legal.

You do not need to use Tetrix aluminum. You can use any raw “Aluminum sheet, 90° angle, u-channel, tube, bar”

You cannot use parts that have been prefabricated like VEX kit metal.

thanks for the explanation

do you know how i can get logo pieces?