Brazilian Team #6404 needs help (batteries)

Hey guys!

First of all, thank you for paying attention to this thread. I’m Rodrigo, from FRC TEAM Brazilian Storm #6404, and we need your help. We’re going to participate at the Saint Louis Regional and the Memphis Regional, and we want to know if any team could lend us extra batteries, since we can’t bring those in our bags: they’re not allowed in airplanes.

We appreciate your attention :slight_smile:

Where are you staying? We could ship some to your address. I assume you are bringing your chargers with you? PM me and we could sort something out.

LASER3284 will be at Memphis and would be glad to provide some batteries for use at the event. I suspect other teams competing would share batteries as well. How many would you like to have in your pit?

Team 4931 will be t the St louis regional and have offered to be a supporting team (host) for the international team 6404. Team 4931 will be able to provide a battery but am hopeful that several other teams can also provide one battery each with their team number labeled. We plan to return them after the competition.

Team 4931 Mentor

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