Brazilian Team need your help!

Hi Teams! I’m representing FRC TEAM #1382 and we need your help, we’re going to play at NYC regional and wanna know if any team could bring some extra batteries to lend us, since we cannot take them in our bags. FIRST always provides some batteries to the teams, but we’re afraid of not enought ><, If your team can help us, lending batteries or some specific tools, please let me know…! :slight_smile:
We’d love to help you when needed too!
Thanks for your attention! Team FRC #1382.

In the Admin Manual , it says

Batteries & chargers WILL NOT be available at any event unless you have made prior arrangements with FIRST (email for more information). NOTE TO NON-NORTH AMERICAN TEAMS TRAVELLING TO USA EVENTS – Batteries will be provided to you at the Spare Parts Station and will be labeled with your team number. Please DO NOT ship batteries within your crate.

Hope that this helps!

Good luck!

The batteries FIRST provides aren’t always the best. I take this from experience because of competing with 1772 (The Brazilian Trailblazers). I’m sure there will be teams at NYC that can help you with batteries. If my team was there, we would be more than happy to help.

Good luck at NYC!

Thanks JohnFogaty! For your attention with us!

Hi !

2601 will be happy to bring some extra batteries… Please let us know how many and what other tools you need and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

Ooooooh Thanks Team 2601! I will check with team and post here.

Andymark has the “deliver to my team’s pit” option available for the NY regional…is there a way to take up a collection for a couple batteries? I’d chip in! Two batteries $89.00.

We can’t bring back 2640

Someone will be able to - donate them to the Rookie All Star, or whoever needs them most!

Sorry to piggy-back on this thread, but our team (1884) from the UK is also in the same situation, and maybe 3158 (TECBOT) from Mexico too.

So if you’re putting together a packing list for stuff to bring to NYC next week, please bring some extra batteries! We know there are 2-3 teams who would really appreciate it.


I think we have a bunch of extra batteries at the 694 shop. Let me know who still needs some for NYC and I’ll talk to our guys about bringing them to the competition.