Brazilian team needs a little help!

Hello guys,
We are the Brazilian FRC team Under Control #1156 and we need a little help from some team from Florida.

In october, during the biggest science fair for high school of Latin America we are going to host a unofficial VEX event, so the brazilian VRC teams can have an opportunity to play the 2013/2014 game without the high costs of travelling.

What we need:

As we don’t have a VEX reseller in Brazil, it’s hard to have the gamepieces, and this month (09/25) I am going to Miami, FL but I will stay just for 3 days, so it would be risky to send the VEX order to the hotel, if it arrives before my stay, the hotel can deny the package, and if it arrives later, we have a problem too.
So, if some Team or Team member are able just to receive and hold the order (4x ), on one of the 3 days of my stay I can pick up the package anywhere near Miami, it will be great!

Thanks! :):slight_smile:

Have them ship it to the local holding facility in Miami and you can pick it up when you arrive in Miami quite easily. Most American shipping companies have very easy ways of doing this.

Either way I hope you can sort things out!

Specifically, I know that both UPS and FedEx have a simple way for you to ship somehting to their local office and you can pick it up there.

But maybe a team in Miami can help, plus you get to actually meet them!

Good luck!

I sent a message to Sandra, the Regional Director for South Florida. I’m sure she will be able to help you out.