Brazilian Teams Need Help in NJ Regional

Hello guys,

We have a problem with the transportation of the batteries, we cannot send them in the crate of the bot and we cannot transport it as carry on baggages. So, if any team can help the team #1156 with two spare batterys, and also the team #1382 with another two spare batterys, we would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance :wink:


Hey guys i will check with wayne tonight but i think we can spare one battery. It is one less you will have to worry about.

shaun team 25

it would be certainly a great help :cool:
thank u once again…
any kinda of help do u need…just tell :smiley:

I need to check our supply but we will be able to help. We will most likely not be in need of batteries at the same time as you so we may be able to supply you for your matches, both teams. This may not equal 4 batteries but swapping charged for uncharged after matches may help. At least until finals.

I will get back to you tomorrow.

Team 219 is bringing like 4 batteries, so if you guys come over to us, ill bet we could spare at least one (just bring your own charger!)

you could always order spares and have them sent to a team in nj and ask them to bring em for you

Thats a good idea, im drivin on my own, so if you order any, ill pm you with my home address, and i will make sure they get there. otherwise you can just borrow some of ours/other teams. im sure many teams there would be more than happy to help.

Just to make it clear why asking to the event organization will not be enough…

The problem is that our buddies from team 1382 are crazy about energy, and they smoke one battery within 2min30sec. Fedex said: batteries are not allowed inside the box. Our team need more than two batteries too.

So, if we’re going with no batteries, there’ll be only 2 at the event, when most teams get 2 (kit) + 2 (event).

Thank you for all for this great help and support!

i’m sure my team, Team 75, could lend a helping hand.
Try posting in our forums
we’ll see you guys @ NJ regionals, good luck.

we would be able to lend a battery if you need one just let us know