Brazilian Teams...

I would like to give special recognition to FIRST´s 3 participating Brazilian Teams:

1- Província (Team 383)
2- REPIO Educational Robotics
3- TriboTec Team 1382 visit our website !

Is 383 going to be at VCU/Nasa Langley Regional this year?

G. Goldman

I definetly think that the brazillian teams deserve more recognition. It’s hard being a world away from the competition, with a different language, a different measurment system, etc.

However, this post should be in the Thanks and/or Congrats forum, not this forum

Yes…the brazilian teams have definately had an awesome attitude every yea we have been next to them in the pits at VCU.

Hoping to see them again soon!!

-G Goldman

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Canadian and Pittsburgh Regionals this year ! =)

Very cool for three teams from Brazil.
Good Luck to you guys! Hope to see you some time this season. Let us know if you need any help.

Is Pio (1156) not competing this year? :frowning: We had so much fun!

Please correct our team name 2- REPIO Educacional Robotics to Under Control - Team 1156

REPIO Educacional Robotics is our robotics course during the year, and it has nothing to do with FIRST.

Yes! We are! We´re going to New Jersey Regional again, with a new team from São Paulo, Brazil called Tribotec Team 1382.

It´ll be so nice to see you guys again!

Awesome! Unfortunately we will not be competing at the NJ competition but we will definately attend and cheer you guys on!

:cool: I look forward to competing in a regional in Brazil someday!!!:cool:

Congrats and good luck to you guys!

Thanks for your support…we also wish the best of luck to all teams!!! We know you guys are tough competitors, but we love the challenge!
We´re hoping to gather more teams from here in order to bring a regional to our area!!!
Once again, GOOD LUCK!

Yea its pretty good to be able to have teams coming from all over the world. It shows how engineers can come from other countries and they work together to build something. And the brazilians are cool. Of course i have to support them, im Portuguese HEHE

Don’t know if anyone noticed but there’s another rookie team from South America this year…

1496 Benchmark Research and Technology, Inc. & Liceo del Valle School Quito, Ecuador

Their going to Houson.

Anyone have an email for them?