Breach Scoring

While it takes only 4 damaged defenses to breach the outer works, are there any additional points awarded for damaging all five defenses other than the points awarded for reaching, crossing and damaging the defense?


Bold my emphasis, you only get points for reaching defenses in AUTO. You do not get reaching points in teleop.

According to the rules you get 0 points for breaching in auto. Only 10 for the initial damaging pass.

I said REACHING, it was not a mistype of the word BREACH. You get 2 points for REACHING a defense in auto. You get 10 points for CROSSING a defense in Auto and 5 for Crossing an UNDAMAGED (takes 2 crosses to damage) during Teleop.

During Teleop it would be possible after a breach to continue to earn 5 more points for damaging the fifth defense. I see no rule precluding that 5 points

You can earn 10 additional points from damaging the 5th defense, not 5 points.

Correct thanks