Breacher Bot

Hello Everyone!

So far, I haven’t been able to find an answer to this in the game manual ::rtm:: , but I was wondering about the legality/validity of a potential strategy. Would it be legal for a bot to cross a defense into the opposing alliance’s courtyard, double back through the that alliance’s secret passage and pass through the same defense again in order to destroy that defense? At that point, we could make a robot entirely dedicated to destroying the defenses and getting the breach bonus.

Any thoughts?

G20 states that you may only enter or exit secret passages through courtyards, so your strategy would be illegal.

This rule applies to your opponent’s secret passage. Your secret passage is touching your opponent’s courtyard.

But the question still remains, is it legal to go through a defense, back through it, and forwards through it a second time to render it damaged?

However you could cross back on an easier defense to get back to neutral zone and “damage” the defense.

Although G20 rules out using the opponent’s secret passage, you can always go through the sally port or drawbridge, both of which should be pretty easy to get through going into the neutral zone. The way the defenses are determined guarantees one of those two will always be on the field.

Also, while we’re on the subject of G20, can I complain about how terribly phrased it is? I had to read it multiple times before I had any idea what it was saying.

Even if this is illegal, you could accomplish the same thing by driving through either the sally door or the drawbridge IMO

Uhhhh where are you seeing that? The entire point of your secret passage is so you dont have to cross your own defenses. Your secret passage touches your courtyard.

You secret Passage is you “free way out of your own castle” so to speak. You passage touches your own castle wall.

Its confusing because the flags are coloured weird in the one picture.

Your passage touches your own courtyard.
EDIT: Sniped…

"G20 ROBOTS may only enter or exit their opponent’s SECRET PASSAGE from/to the opponent’s COURTYARD. A ROBOT is considered to be within the SECRET PASSAGE once the only carpet the ROBOT is in contact with is the carpet inside the SECRET PASSAGE. "

Help me visualize what the robot can do under this rule. Does that mean the robot can only use the Secret Passage on the side containing the (opponents) courtyard? If you go beyond that past ramp where the (opponents) defenses are its a foul?

So that only allows inadvertent use of the SP when over on that end?

You can enter your opponents secret passage only through their courtyard. So the long side. There are no rules prohibiting you from going to the end of the secret passage, past the defenses, but you may not enter to exit their secret passage from there. Only through their courtyard.

In order to move between the neutral zone and your opponents courtyard you must ALWAYS go through a defense.

Got it …thanks!

Yep, this is legal. Just make sure that you clearly cross completely into the courtyard, then cross completely back into the neutral zone, then cross completely into the courtyard again.

Quote for clarity. This is all that G20 is saying.

Very much this. There are multiple ways to parse the sentence which mean completely different things, it was the cause of much confusion at our meeting today.