Break Bag and Tag Stop Building Day Rule

Hi everyone

I’m from Mexico, our team met a member of another team, he told us his team breaks the Stop Building day working for another 4 days after the Bag and Tag.
We don´t know how to proceed with that information, does anybody knows the consequences of that action?


Edit: We have photos that proves they change their robot

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Not to much to do, since it’s all part of the honor rule. However if you don’t have concrete proof, it wouldn’t really matter anyways.

Bring it up to the LRI at their event. There’s no set rule on how to deal with this, but the LRI will handle it how they see fit.

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That’s essentially what you need to do: Talk to the LRI. The LRI will handle it.

Contact your regional representative as well as the LRI for the Regional that they are competing at. But make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the team in question has broke the rule.

And also, thank you for not putting the team (or yours) out there. It is disappointing if this is the case - the want to win is one thing, the decision to forego the rules to win is another.

Be careful even if you have photo evidence. We make two robots, and just to satisfy ourselves, we paint both robots identical, with minor changes. It would be easily to mistake us working on the practice bot as working on the comp bot if somebody wasnt sure what they were looking at.

From the information you have, does this other team actually understand the rules thoroughly? Do they have someone with sufficient English language skills? Do they have access to a properly translated Game manual? Their intent may have some influence on how this situation is dealt with.

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