Break-Even Point to Cost/Revenue problem

Anyone has any suggestion on solving this problem for x?
It’s a break even point to a cost and revenue problem.

5.5 sqrt(x) + 10000 = 3.29x where x>o


put everything on the right side of the equation and treat it as a quadratic. If it helps you come to grips with it better, make yourself a dummy variable “a”. Let a=sqrt(x). So a^2 = x. And then it’s a straight forward quadratic.

thanks for the suggestion kevin. very clever, but it didnt work. i ended up w/ x~54.3.
the proposed solution is x~3133.

I refuse to be wrong on my birthday. Also, I ran the numbers and got a = sqrt(x) = 55.63. So x = 3095.6. Mostly, you forgot that that quadratic solves for sqrt(x) so you need to square the answer to actually get x.

:slight_smile: YOU’RE THE MAN KEVIN, that’s it!!!
many thanks…happy birthday!