Breakaway 5th Gear-esque Simulation

So, when kickoff came around, we received the game info, field specs, robot specs, etc.

I decided to recreate the field, not just for fun, but to help rookie teams visualize the game a little bit better. After making the field, I thought that a simulation might help more, which reminded me of 5th Gear from last year.

So… here it is! Made in two days, yes, but it’s still good for getting a semi-accurate feel for the game.
Everything was modeled in the open source Blender 3D, which also powers the game engine. Physics are by the also open source Bullet Physics Library. It’s basic, only one “robot” on the field, but you can get a good idea.
I would suggest reading the included text document for controls and more info.
The .zip is a bit over 12 MB compressed, but here’s the link: