Breakaway Discussion

For all things related to the new FRC game.

What are your thoughts?

Pretty dynamic game from a first glance. I think I like it! (so far). lol

I hope people start reading the manual ALL THE WAY THROUGH before they start posting questions here.

Just by paying attention to the kickoff I have already been able to answer a few questions some friends had (not on CD), but am certainly no expert on Breakaway yet.

There’s going to be a ton of variety and clever solutions to the various problems this year.

I think the center zone will be key. You need to score from the center zone to be effective.

the 3-point hanging robot will not be very common, but adding lower hang bars for other robots to grab will be a nice way to encourage it.

Shorty robots that can go through the passage and are fast will be a big one. I hope some teams use the vision system to align to the floor stripe too, since fittting through that space will be tough.

Teams should also make sure all the other teams have something to prevent caught balls on top of the robot. There will be a lot of penalties for that particular issue.

My $0.02

I’m JUST getting to see the video! I’m Emceeing my first FLL event, so I’ve been just a little bit busy this morning. I can’t use sound though but I LOVE the separation of the robots. Although I may end up not liking it much later, right now I do. As for the extra gate well, it makes sense. Just might be a pain when changing matches, having 4 robots moving in and out, though they could use the other gates, it’s obviously going to be a bit harder.
I like that the robots can go under the bridge, as I will call it. I think it’s a mix of volleyball and soccer, as far as the balls go. I will have to write more later once I look over the rules.


It made me and my brother laugh when Dean said that thankfully the scoring this year is understandable to human beings.

I also thought it was funny how Dean said “Oops! This year’s game…” and that the pre-reveal video basically showed the game.

I think that this game will finally be one (for us, at least… our first year was Overdrive) that we can easily build practice fields for, and actually practice. Overdrive, we only got one ball, and we didn’t have the time to build an overpass. Lunacy: we had 4 orbit balls, and never bothered to go shopping for Regolith (though the school hallway’s tile floors helped a bit)

I am awaiting the many falling robots, they are inevitable with the bonus system. Otherwise the challenge seems a lot easier than last years. “Tunnel Tanks” will abound though.

Anybody have the new animation for Breakaway?


anyone know the robots dimensions yet?

I’m disappointed about robots still facing significant constraints about extending beyond bumpers, but overall the game looks very promising and fun.

I like the new idea of the bumper covers this year for some reason…

All comments are based on watching the game animation one time.

-Simplified point structure. No multiplication, no weird point values, just simplified 1, 2, 3.
-Easy to obtain field elements and game pieces.
-Toned down “theme”, removes unnecessarily complex wording and definitions to create a more enjoyable, easy to understand, and easy to plan out game.
-Shooting/kicking back. Always a fun game dimension.

-While I understand the ball return to the middle of the field is desired, it seems overly complex. I see this being a major bottle neck.
-Robots get points for going under the platform? On top? Hanging? Huh?
-Robots hanging on robots is sweet, but will this be the equivalent of 2003’s bin stacking?

-While I appreciate the work Mr Lavery does, I’m confused on FIRST’s ever constant momentum to become more media savvy, yet they have the game animation narration done by Mr Lavery. Couldn’t we have gotten one of our MC’s or announcers to record it the night before? That would seem to be more professional and exciting.


I like that there will (hopefully) be many different looking/style robots for the 1st time since 2004, as there are many ways to play this game and not only 1 way to score. But i feel this game will be boring to watch. I also feel that there will not be 1 robot design that will absolutely dominate this year, or strategy that will be impossible to defend or beat.

I don’t like the 1 ball at a time rule, I understood it in Overdrive as the balls were huge, but these are soccer balls. Also the fact that there are only 12 balls on the field i see very very low scoring games.

I like it.

Specifically, easy access to game objects at any sporting goods store or people’s garages.

I also think that we have a team to thank. Last year, a team requested that changing bumper colors by changing colors be allowed (or rather, is this legal?). They were denied. This year, it is one of the approved methods to change colors. Talk about giving the designers ideas! (Sadly, I don’t remember which team asked that.)

They seemed to be trying to appeal to the media, but I think the game won’t be as exciting or fast paced as last year.

At least there will not be any lost time doing field reset. With only twelve balls that the teams place themselves; match set up will move much quicker then in previous years.

This game is epic. It is already apparent to me that we are going to see robots that can do some rediculous stuff (as usual I guess…). I can’t wait for these 3 things:

  1. I can see the bumps becoming jumps… hopefully suspensions are considered by teams building fast robots. A couple feet of air will definitely make FIRST cooler (to the general public)…
  2. The Triple Hang (Robot 1 on bar, two robots on robot 1)
  3. Scoring from the back in autonomous, using the new vision system; which should work without too many hiccups (I have considerable faith in the new contrast based system, despite arena lighting).

Since people can use the Finale extensions to help right themselves when they fall over, it’s going to be interesting to see what people create that not only right themselves but also enable them hang onto the Platforms.

I think most people will not use the middle paths under the platforms as their only mode of transportation to pass the bumps, because when other teams see that this is their only way to get past the bumps, a robot could be designated to simply block this exit, trapping the robot for the entire game. However, it’s probably a good idea to make it small enough to get under the Platform just in case.

I think the 3 point suspension possibility will definitely be used, since every point seems to matter in this game, even more than before.

I think this will be fun to watch. FIRST is what you make it, people are always into FIRST.

I do wish that there were more than 12 balls. This is a very small amount for 6 robots to deal with.

I think it’s more than you think. Balls take maybe 15 seconds to return to the field of play, so there will probably be at least ~9-10 balls on the field at a time. Nobody knows how fast scoring will end up being, so that will affect it too.