Breaker Panel not in this years kit?

I was looking at the electrical diagram and the pictures in this years kit of parts checklist and i noticed we went back to many smaller breakers instead of the nice all in one breaker from last years…is this true?

i havn’t looked at the actual kit yet

and why… :frowning: last year’s was so nice

It appears that the FRC Breaker Panel is not included in the kit. However, you are able to use the panel if you wish, in addition to the ATC panels included with the kit.

According to <R43>:

Teams may purchase either one additional 4-slot Maxi-block circuit breaker panel OR one 2005 FRC circuit breaker panel, and utilize it on their 2006 robot in addition to the circuit breaker panels provided in the kit of parts.

I imagine this means you can also solely use the panel, as well. At least, I hope.


We need clarification on this one. I REALLY hope it can be used in place of the other stuff.

With last year’s panel we had

  • Last year’s breaker panel

This year we have

  • groud stud
  • positive distribution block
  • little distribution panel
  • big distribution panel
  • maxi fuse block

If you ask me all this stuff is totally unnecessary and a waste of space.

It’s a lot like the 2003 (or am I thinking of 2004?) KOP

Judging from the board on Hockham (our practice robot from last year, which uses the 2004 electricals), it’s similar if not the same.

I was thinking the same thing. This years breaker panal is, to me and my mentor, rinky dink. I am looking in the rules right now and will be looking for anything saying that we can use last years board and only last years board. I know that that was already stated, but I want to make sure.

Team Driver and Designer

I am wondering exactly why FIRST decided to go back to the “messy” way of doing things. It seems like an unneccesary complication of the electrical system, not to mention dropped support for the breaker feedback.

Maybe due to cost reasons?

I was able to make our wiring SOO much neater last year than previous years. I think most teams would be more than willing to pay the $85 for last year’s breaker board. We really need to get first to clarify whether or not we can use ONLY the 2005 panel without all the other clutter. This all seems like a step backward for FIRST to me.

I read the rules to mean one of two things

1.)We can use last year’s panel but must also use all the clutter including the large 2006 breaker panel and maxi fuse block.
2.)We can use last year’s panel only but must still use the ground stud and positive distribution block.

I’ve submitted a question at the Q&A. We’ll see soon hopefully.

The only difference I can think of that may require the use of the MAXI fuse panels is the fact that we can use up to the 6 CIMs and the 2 FPs. This adds up to 8 big motors, possibly requiring 40A breakers each. The FRC panel only has slots for 6.

But the added weight of those MAXI blocks is immense…


That’s the exact explaination I was given by FIRST when I asked about it. They really liked the IFI Breaker Panel last year but with all the rest of the kit goodies it was cost prohibitive to provide an IFI Breaker Panel - realize it’s definitely NOT a trivial task to put together the kit of parts, and sometimes sacrifices must be made to provide you with other cutting-edge technologies you need!


I think that most teams liked the way it was set up last year, and we need to give FIRST that feedback, so that they realize that the IFI panel is an essential part of the kit, and that I think most, if not all of the teams would be willing to pay a bit extra in order to save the hassle of dealing with so many more pieces. Does anyone else share my opinion on this subject?

I am going to go out on a limb here and recommend that teams stick with the IFI block if they can. The advantages are excellent primary wiring connections, good wire management, minimum electrical loss, low weight, and the ability to get feedback if one or more of the breakers are tripping.
For many teams, the ability to use so many high current motors will stress the primary power, if you can over current the main battery with four Chalupas, think what six will do.

Keep in mind that (according to <R50>) this component is not exempt from the $3500 cost limit.

All, right. Both my threads on FIRST Q&A were killed before I got any answer (This was before the password activation, so I guess it makes sense), so can someone with a password please post a question concerning this matter on Q&A?


I really really dislike the older style distribution stuff that we got this year, I thought that last years distribution panel was really nice…everything was one nice, neat, central location that didnt compromise valuable space for mounting victors and other electronic devices.

For what it’s worth the bottom of the main IFI webpage says " Breaker Panel can be used in place of Kit Parts in the 2006 FIRST Competition". I am going to assume that this is true and if we HAVE to use the stuff that came in the kit as well then we will just screw it down somewhere and not use it.

Don’t think we ever HAVE to use a certain part, unless it’s something essential like an RC. We are ordering another breaker panel from last year and using it, because I hate to move back to parts that are heavier, more clunky, makes more of a mess.

You must follow the robot rules until they are modified or replaced by a Team Update. I expect this to be modified, just be patient.