Breaker reset times

Hi, team 3482 here. Just a small question, how long does it take for a 40 amp auto reset breaker from snap to reset? Like if the breaker trips during a match, is it out of commission for the rest of the match?

The auto reset is just a short time a second or two.

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@Arrow I would be more worried about what that breaker is leading to than the reset time of the breaker itself. Say you trip a breaker to your radio or Rio, you could be waiting upward of half the match before a full reboot has cycled. But also remember with the Snap-Action breakers, they can withstand short amounts of overload for their ratings. for example, the 40 Amp breaker spec sheet states at 200% overload, the breaker will remain active for 1.5 - 3.9 seconds before tripping, likewise at 400% overload it will remain active for 0.3 - 0.6 seconds before tripping.

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There are no automatic resetting breakers between your battery and your radio/RoboRio. Only fuses and the main breaker. If fuses blow, they must be replaced. If the main breaker trips, it must be re engaged by hand.

Also a RoboRio or radio reboot only takes upwards of 15 seconds.

NOT counting the all-important connection time, my friend. A radio reboots, you’re a sitting duck for about a minute. Rio, closer to 30 seconds.

Trust me on this. I’ve been too close to too many robots that lost their radios and were down for a minute while it rebooted and reconnected before they started to move again.

And that’s what happens when I haven’t gotten enough sleep in the week and working on three things at once.

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